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Catching Up in the Garden

Well, there's not much left in the garden; just bell peppers, Japanese Eggplant and tomatoes. Unfortunetly it's been so dang hot here that the veggies are basically cooking on the vine, and rotting much faster.


We're still getting peppers, many of them red now, but they're not getting very big before going bad.



The Japanese eggplants aren't getting very big anymore either. I think I'll try an eggplant parmesean as a side dish to my salmon tomorrow night.


The tomatoes are suffering the most, I think. They're tiny and red, but squishy and rotten. *sniff*



About time to call it a season, I think. It's supposed to cool down to the 90s this next week, so maybe we can pull out another week or two of produce, but it looks like the garden is on its last legs.