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Breaking a Bad Habit (Hopefully)

I'm trying to quit picking/cutting/chewing my cuticles (again). I had a nice manicure in Ohio, and have used that as my new starting point. Last Friday I went in for another one - my cuticles needed to be trimmed before I started trying to cut them myself! - and found a lovely colour (O.P.I. of course) called Nomad's Dream:


Along with the more-frequent manicures, I'm also using some lovely cuticle balm gifted to me by a former pod-mate. I'm not a huge fan of the scent, but this stuff works wonders!


I love how my fingertips look almost normal now. The area beneath the cuticles is still a little red, but they aren't as swollen and ragged and bloody and gross-looking as they used to be. It's very encouraging and I'm really looking forward to overcoming this disgusting, nasty habit!