Wise Words from the First First Lady
Vacation Update

Reading That Martha Washington Quote to the Point of Obsession

... because it seems I've injured myself again. How? Who knows! My left ankle was fine this morning when I got to work. FINE! Now? It hurts when I put weight on it to the point of my being gimpy again. I think it might be another tendon thing, like my leg earlier this year, because while I did start feeling a little discomfort just above the ankle (on the inside of the leg, not outside) before lunch, now it's a raging pain with just a bit of throbbing thrown in for good measure. Gah!

So tonight, at the gym, there will be no walking. I'm not sure if there's something else I can do - stationary bike, perhaps? - but I'm sure I can at least do my upper body workout.


I am ...

...so frustrated!

...so annoyed!

...so trying to be "cheerful and happy".

...so failing.