So, is this Another Kick in the Butt, or What?

Kicked in the Butt

At the beginning of August I made a list of "August Resolutions". I'd been thinking about doing it in July, then I read this article on Elastic Waist and it was like God was trying to tell me something. Something like, yes, do it, for the love of Me, please! (I posted my resolutions in the comments and fully intended to post them here as well, but never got around to it.) One of my resolutions was to get off the bus at Monterey Street and walk the six or seven blocks to work. Have I done it? At all this month? Even once?

Um, that would be a big, fat no.

So here we are at just about the end of the month and the only walking I've done has been two miles around the track at the gym with my trainer a couple times a week. I think about getting off at Monterey and walking, but, darn it, I wore heels today, or dang it, I'm in such a good part of this book I'd like to read it a bit longer today, and ... well, you get the picture. Apparently my procrastination has annoyed God to the point that He decided to give me a swift kick in the butt (me and a few other people), and forced me to take a walk. You see, the brakes on the bus started smoking (thick, stinky blue smoke - cough, hack, wheeze) about halfway down the Grade this morning, and once we reached Monterey, the driver said he wasn't taking the chance of the brakes failing completely or catching on fire, and would call in for another bus. I don't know how many passengers he ended up with, because I bailed immediately. The stench was overwhelming and my lungs have actually been a bit achy and congested since then. So, yeah, I walked.

And, it was an okay walk. It's not far (and luckily I did have on good walking shoes today!), but rather than the nice cool marine layer that is usually hanging over SLO, it was sunny, warm and muggy, so I was already sticky and sweaty by the time I arrived at work. So much for my "good hair day". Gah.

Still, at least I did it, right? And it wasn't too bad. Who knows, maybe I'll do it Agna, and maybe I won't need a bus meltdown to do it!