The New Fence
On Vacation!

Now With a Gate

The guys installed the gate for us today, so we are once again secured! Yay!


In other news, our neighbour (the one who did the fence along with some of his buddies) went in to the abandoned house behind us to check it out. The door was open, so he was able to just walk in. Mom and I guess these people have been gone since March at the very least, and the yard has just gone completely to hell - tall, dry weeds in the back yard and dry, dead grass in the front. We figured the inside was a mess, too, since this family had at least two wild monkey-children and two dogs, and they just left all-of-a-sudden like. And also we could see through the back fence that the screen door was shredded, probably by the dogs.

Anyway, he went inside today and told my mom the inside was pretty much trashed - lots of stuff left strewn around and really dirty. He also said he found a candle burning in a glass and promptly put it out. It all sounded pretty innocent - just like what you'd expect to find in an abandoned house - until he mentioned the candle. That candle canNOT have been burning since March, which means one of two things: either the people who lived there before have been coming back to get some of their stuff or something, or (and this is the one that totally freaked me out) someone has been squatting there. Eighter way the thought of a candle left burning in an unoccupied house filled with leftover, forgotton or abandoned junk, and tall, dried up weeds/grass right next to our back fence makes me pretty nervous!

The neighbour is going to try to find out who/what owns the house, and I'm curious to see what he learns!