well crap!
A is for Amethyst

Friday Love List

Things I loved this week:

  1. The Host. I finished the book last night - it's awesome! I'm still not sure if the ending thrilled me or annoyed me, but on the whole, it's a great book! (Also, I suddenly realized I've been spelling Stephenie Meyers' name wrong this whole time! Yikes! Sorry about that!)
  2. Buying fresh produce at the Farmer's Market on Wednesday. Since my trainer cancelled our appointment, I didn't need to hurry to the gym, and a few stands were still open when the bus pulled up, so I was able to score some carrots, plumbs, peaches, beets and artichokes. Yum!
  3. My new Isabella Fiore purse! Yeah, it's a bit small which is kinda-sorta bugging me, but it's so pretty I totally forgive it!
  4. Having Monday off! I suppose that should've been at the top of the list, but whatever. It was really nice to sleep in on a Monday morning then spend the rest of the day laying around in comfy clothes and watching soap operas, Judge Judy, and Ellen! I could use a few more days like that!
  5. Paletas. One of my coworkers brought in a bunch of these delicious cold treats for us yesterday. I had the Strawberry one, and it was so refreshing! Just look at that! You can totally see big chunks of strawberries in there:


  6. Fitting into my "skinny jeans". They're still a size 18 which is what I'm generally wearing now (although some of my pants are getting a little baggy and require a belt), but they apparently run small because today was the first day I was actually able to get them on. They're still too uncomfortable to sit in all day so I'm not wearing them now, but I'm still excited about it because a) I got them up over my thighs and hips, and b) I was able to zip them up! Yay!
  7. Finishing my 26 Things list. I will be posting the pictures on the 26 Things flickr group on Sunday, and thought I might post one picture a day (or so) in June.
  8. Getting a pedicure. OMG, that felt so good! I was originally going to see the new Narnia movie with a couple friends tonight, but those plans fell through, so I had a pedi instead. Since I didn't have any of my stuff with me, I had to choose a colour from their selection. I can't remember the name of the O.P.I. polish colour but I think it might be Chicago Champagne Toast.


Have a terrific weekend, everyone!