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Friday Love List

Things I loved this week:

  1. The Host. I finished the book last night - it's awesome! I'm still not sure if the ending thrilled me or annoyed me, but on the whole, it's a great book! (Also, I suddenly realized I've been spelling Stephenie Meyers' name wrong this whole time! Yikes! Sorry about that!)
  2. Buying fresh produce at the Farmer's Market on Wednesday. Since my trainer cancelled our appointment, I didn't need to hurry to the gym, and a few stands were still open when the bus pulled up, so I was able to score some carrots, plumbs, peaches, beets and artichokes. Yum!
  3. My new Isabella Fiore purse! Yeah, it's a bit small which is kinda-sorta bugging me, but it's so pretty I totally forgive it!
  4. Having Monday off! I suppose that should've been at the top of the list, but whatever. It was really nice to sleep in on a Monday morning then spend the rest of the day laying around in comfy clothes and watching soap operas, Judge Judy, and Ellen! I could use a few more days like that!
  5. Paletas. One of my coworkers brought in a bunch of these delicious cold treats for us yesterday. I had the Strawberry one, and it was so refreshing! Just look at that! You can totally see big chunks of strawberries in there:


  6. Fitting into my "skinny jeans". They're still a size 18 which is what I'm generally wearing now (although some of my pants are getting a little baggy and require a belt), but they apparently run small because today was the first day I was actually able to get them on. They're still too uncomfortable to sit in all day so I'm not wearing them now, but I'm still excited about it because a) I got them up over my thighs and hips, and b) I was able to zip them up! Yay!
  7. Finishing my 26 Things list. I will be posting the pictures on the 26 Things flickr group on Sunday, and thought I might post one picture a day (or so) in June.
  8. Getting a pedicure. OMG, that felt so good! I was originally going to see the new Narnia movie with a couple friends tonight, but those plans fell through, so I had a pedi instead. Since I didn't have any of my stuff with me, I had to choose a colour from their selection. I can't remember the name of the O.P.I. polish colour but I think it might be Chicago Champagne Toast.


Have a terrific weekend, everyone!

well crap!

I can't believe it: I left my book ("The Host" by Stephanie Meyer; totally awesome, btw) sitting on my desk at work! The book that I've been lovin' the heck out of. That I've gotten so engrossed in I don't realize we're right in front of the Government Center until I realize people are leaving. That I'm almost done with and would probably have finished tonight on the way home had I not left it at work. Gah! I realized it as I was walking down the street to the bus. By then it was too late: the doors are locked at 5, so I couldn't run back in to get it. I'm so bummed!

Gardening Update

Our poor little garden has been temporarily displaced due to some construction work, but it still looks really good:


So many of the plants have just exploded this past week! The tomatoes already need to be tied up, and one of them has the beginnings of blossoms:



The zucchini plants are both ginormous already!


The crookneck squash plant is huge, too, as is the Japanese eggplant which also has a pretty purple blossom on it:



The two bell pepper plants (one red, one green, but I don't remember which is which any more) are growing more slowly, but one plant is good-sized and already has little blossom buds:



The cucumbers are rather sad little things. The one that started out dry as a bone and near death is looking a little perkier, but neither one of them has grown much:


We're hoping all this moving around hasn't shocked them into dropping over dead. So far they look okay, but it's only been a couple days. Mom and I think we might just leave them where they are after the new fence is finished rather than moving them back again. We'll have to see how things go.

Elsewhere in the garden, the lavender is starting to bloom:


... and my pretty yellow rose bush has more buds on it:



New Fence

So, mom and I decided to get a new fence. I noticed earlier this year when I was out pounding some nails back in that the wood was cracking, snapping in half and basically rotting away. Also, the boards along the bottom had started to bow out and we knew it wouldn't be long before all the dirt and gravel along the side of the house was falling out onto the sidewalk. Initially we were going to wait until this fall, or maybe next year, to call a fencing company and have it replaced, but a few weeks ago when our neighbour was fixing our garage (some of the boards had serious water damage, and he offered to fix it for us when he saw us measuring and trying to decide what we needed to do; we were more than thrilled to hire him to fix it for us!), we inquired about replacing the fence, and he gave us a quote, we agreed on a price, and he and a couple buddies jumped right into the project yesterday morning.

This is going to be once fancy fence! They're not just replacing the bowed boards along the bottom, but putting in a concrete retaining wall that the wooden boards will sit on! It's going to be so sturdy and secure! I'm so excited about it (as if you couldn't tell from the use of exclamation marks!)! It's so nice to have this project taken care of (by somebody other than us!).

My New Purse

I was finally able to pick up the Isabella Fiore purse I won on eBay at the post office this morning. It's much smaller than I'm used to, but everything fits comfortably inside (except my book which it's sitting on), it's sturdy, it's beautiful and I love it!



How I WANT to Spend My Summer Vacation

I haven't done a proper Thursday 13 in a while, so here's a list of 13 things I would like to do over this coming summer.

1.   Spend a long weekend is Santa Barbara. Okay, this is totally cheating because I already have the time off and the hotel booked for this little trip. I decided after spending the winter months frustrated and upset about my broken eyeballs not healing fast enough for me, that I'm just going to give that whole mess to God, and go about my life. And my goodness if that wasn't a weight-off-my-shoulders-type of feeling!! Thank you for lifting that burden, God! I'm sure You will handle the whole this much better than I have been! Anyway, my mom hasn't been on a vacation since accompanying me to San Fransisco for JournalCon in, what, 2000? 2001? so, I figured we both deserved a break, and I booked us a three-night stay at a nice hotel in SB where we can relax, tour the Mission and the nearby rose garden, walk on the beach, window shop along State Street and have afternoon tea. I can hardly wait!!

2.   Bar-b-que. I don't even know if my grill is in any shape to cook food, and I haven't grilled in two years, so I'm not sure I remember how to do it, but by golly, this summer I will BBQ!!

3.   Spend more time outside. This one may be difficult with the recent purchase of two new television sets, but I would like to sit outside and enjoy the back garden more.

4.   Go to the beach. And not just for a walk along the boardwalk near Cambria, but a real, nice, sandy beach like Pismo or Avila where mom and I can drag out our beach chairs and umbrellas and bring a cooler with snacks and drinks and stuff, and just sit on the sand and watch the waves roll in.

5.   Get a tan. Yes, I know tanning is reallyreally bad for you and gives you cancer and age spots and blah, blah, blah, but I just hate being so pale and I don't really like the look of the fake tans. Besides I really miss laying outside in the sun soaking up all that vitamin D!

6.   Wash the cars. This one might sound stupid to some of you, but neither car has been washed for about a year, and they're both really disgustingly dirty.

7.   Go swimming. I love to swim - I basically swam through my entire childhood all the way up to high school - and this past weekend I was dying to go swimming! I've been contemplating reserving a lane at the gym's pool for about a year now, and with the yummy summer weather coming (or if you were in the neighbourhood this past weekend when it was 105°, the yummy summer weather that is here now), I'm thinking swimming would be a great replacement for the hot, stuffy cardio room.

8.    See some summer blockbuster movies. I have a list that could probably be another Thursday 13 list of the movies I want to see this summer. Every movie trailer I’ve seen has looks fantastic!!

9.    Have a picnic/Take a hike at Santa Margarita Lake.  I’ve lived here in SLO county, what? 13 years now? And I haven’t been out to Santa Margarita Lake. Apparently there’s a nice picnic area and some hiking trails and lots of fun outdoorsy-type stuff.

10.  Go to Friday Night Concert in the Plaza. Not every Friday, but maybe just one or two. I can take a later bus home.

11.  Go to Farmer’s Markets. Not necessarily the one in downtown SLO (although my friends and I will probably go to a few of those this summer), but I’d like to go to the one in downtown Paso and I hear there’s a nice one in Templeton, too.

12.  Do some stamping. I really should start on my Christmas cards. I know that sounds insane, but if I get a good start on them now, people might actually get Christmas cards on time this year.

13. Update more often. Um, yeah, well, if I manage to get all of the above done, it's unlikely I'll be updating any more than I have the last month or so, but, hey, I'll give it a shot! 


Update List

Because I am a terrible blogger lately, all I have time to give you all is a bulleted update of recent happenings:

  1. Last weekend mom and I headed for SLO for a little shopping. We browsed World Market, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Sears, Best Buy and Gottschalks, and saw lots and lots of things we wanted, but in the end we just bought two new television sets: a 26" LG for my bedroom and a 32" Panasonic for the living room. Luckily both items fit in the car, and also luckily, they were both easy to hook up. We have now officially entered the 21st century. Now if I could just get my DVD player to work ...
  2. Mom's Earthbox Garden is growing beautifully so far. The tomatoes and zucchini have doubled in size already and the one cucumber plant we thought was near death is making a comeback. There are buds on the pepper plants and the Japanese eggplant, which I'm very excited to try in a recipe this summer.
  3. Remember the Isabella Fiore purse I was bidding on? Well, I ended up winning it, and at a very reasonable price, too. A postal worker tried to deliver it yesterday, but I wasn't home to sign for it, so I guess I'll have to wait till Saturday to pick it up down at the post office. Bummer.
  4. Of course, that means I have to sell one of my other purses to make room for the new one, but I've actually decided to put three up for auction as well as a few other things. I'm hoping to spend one day of the upcoming 3-day weekend gathering crap junk useless stuff wonderful things to photograph and put for sale on eBay. Actually I'd love to just have a big-ass yard sale and get it over with, but that's just waaayyy too much work, and in the end, you still have to deal with all the crap junk useless stuff wonderful things that don't sell.
  5. My broken eyeballs are slowly but surely getting better. I'm still going to see a rheumatologist next month, but it might be a totally useless trip (except that I am curious to see what kind of arthritis I might be developing). My eye doctor said he was chatting with one of the iritis experts at UCLA one day, and was told him that with some people they never find out what caused the iritis or why it takes so long for it to clear up. I may be one of those people. Great. Anyway, the really good news was that my distance vision was reallyreally good, and I'm now down to a lesser dose of Pred Forte (called Pred Mild) every other day. Yay!
  6. My weight has been at a plateau for about a month now and has become very frustrating. Also, the gym was starting to get boring with the same old routine every week, so my trainer and I are mixing it up a bit by doing Super Sets twice a week instead of once. Since the Versa Climber - once the bane of my fitness existance then the love of my life - has vanished never to return, we are speed-walking around the track in between weight sets. It's really quite nice - the weather is great now, and it's light outside much later. I'm hoping to see some significant changes in the next few weeks.

I think that's about it for now. Cheers!

Earthbox Garden Update

Welcome to the weekly Earthbox Garden Update! So far everything looks pretty good:


The tomato plants have shot up quite a bit, but there are no blossoms yet:


The bell peppers are looking really great and one even has some little buds:



One cucumber plant seems to be doing okay, and the other one - which was all dried out and very sad looking when we bought it - is looked a bit better:


But, holy cow! Check out the zucchini! Those plants have just exploded!


The yellow squash and Japanese eggplant look great, too, and the eggplant even has a little blossom on it:



I think we're going to have a great little garden this year!

Friday Love List

Miscellaneous stuff I loved this week:

  1. Red Anjou pears
  2. Unexpected gifts from friends and co-workers
  3. Pretty petite Thank You cards with cute little stickers
  4. The Body Shop almond oil nail and cuticle cream
  5. This Isabella Fiore purse and wallet (although I’m bidding on a different I.F. purse right now)
  6. I.F. in general
  7. Orbit Sweetmint gum
  8. Delicious coffee
  9. Yummy Cinco de Mayo feast @ work
  10. The new Clay Aiken album
  11. The new Chris Sligh album
  12. Getting the prefect Mother’s Day gifts for my mom and grandmother
  13. My mom’s pretty Earthbox garden
  14. My pretty yellow rose
  15. Dove shampoo and conditioner that’s making my hair feel so much softer
  16. Eclipse – finished it this week, and it was really good
  17. An update from Weetabix
  18. Curried chicken salad sandwich from the Courthouse Café
  19. Planning vacations

2008 Gardening Extravaganza: The Beginning

So last weekend my mom bought and planted our veggies for this year and I dug up an old dead plant in the front yard and replaced it with a pretty yellow rose bush. And I'm just getting around to writing about it all today. How sad is that? Anyway, here is our garden:


We have two tomato plants:


Two bell peppers (one red, one green):


(Oh, and that stuff around it is to kill the couple of snails my mom spotted this past week.)

We also have two cucumber plants:


And one crookneck squash and one Japanese eggplant:


There wasn't much selection at Home Depot - mostly tons of different kinds of tomatoes and various kinds of peppers that we weren't interested in. There were no regular eggplant, so we're trying the Japanese version this year, and since there was only one of those that looked good, we grabbed the crookneck squash to round out the box.

In the front I pulled up the large, decorative grass that we have disliked for several years and which finally died, and replaced it with a pretty yellow rose bush called Midas Touch:


It's so bright and cheery. I really hope it lives!