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Things I Love Today

1.  My new water bottle:


Well, it's not exactly new. I bought it several years ago at Copelands Sports (which doesn't even exist anymore, I don't think) when I thought I might actually go hiking or mountain biking or something athletic like that (ha!), but I just started using it today. I've been reading lately how some of the convenient plastic bottles our drinking water comes in are made from a kind of plastic that's bad for us and bad for the environment, so my mom and I decided that rather than buying our Arrowhead by the 24-bottle case, we're going to pour our Britta-filtered water into reusable bottles instead. This adorable aluminium water bottle from Life is Good is going to stay at work with me, so I'm looking for safe (and cute and/or fun) reusable bottles to have at home.

2.  My lunch:


Leftover Wehani rice salad (substituting brown rice for the Wehani which I couldn't find) that I made on Sunday from a recipe in my new Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook.

3.  Finally being healthy enough to go to the gym! Man, did I ever miss working out while I was suffering from a nasty cold last week! It felt so good to hit the elliptical and treadmill last night, and I can't wait to get a little workout in this evening as well!

4.  An exciting little shaker. It was only a 3.9 (followed by a teeny tiny 2.4), but the jolt was kinda fun!

5.  The quote on my calendar today:


13 Things I Enjoyed About This Week

For this week's Thursday 13, I decided to dwell more on the positives of the week rather than the fact that I got a nasty cold AND my period on the SAME DAY, so I've been feeling cruddy all week, and haven't been able to go to the gym, and waaahhh, poor me!

1.  I finished reading New Moon last night. I'm really enjoying this series! I'm just devouring these books!

2.  Starting Eclipse. I picked up my copy at the library on my lunch hour today and can't wait to start reading it on the way home tonight!

3.  Putting together the new TV stand from West Elm. It was remarkably easy, and it looks amazing! Here's the TV stand we had before (it's actually a Lane cedar chest, but it worked just fine):Before

And, here's our new TV stand:


Now we just need to buy a new flat screen HD TV to go on top of it!

4.  Trying a delicious new tea! It was a blackberry/sage/somethingorother from Black Horse, and it was really delicious!

5.  Losing 4 pounds. (I guess being sick does have its advantages!)

6.  Getting my new cookbook in the mail! I love the Clean Eating magazine, and I'm really looking forward to trying some of these yummy looking recipes this weekend!

7.  Break/Meetings with Miss K. and Miss S.! So fun to sit out in the atrium and talk about books AND work!

8.  Good hair days! Every single day this week my hair has behaved itself and looked fantastic!

9.  Learning new things at work. It's been exciting and fun to try new stuff that has in the past been left to the LWs. Since my LW is on vacation this week, I've been trying my hand at some different things.

10.  Keeping busy. Nothing better for making the days go by and for making work fun and interesting!

11.  Getting over a cold. I got this cold last Saturday, and today is the first day I really feel better.

12.  Getting a good night's sleep! Well, I cheated and had to take Nyquil a couple of nights, but I slept SO well it was worth it. That's probably why I'm feeling better today.

13.  It's almost the weekend! Thursday evening is always wonderful for me because I know there's only one day left in the week and that day is Friday - jeans day, Glory Day, and this particular Friday is PAY DAY!!!