dinner @ novo
Japanese Rose Garden

A Night at Farmer's Market

So, Farmer's Market was a ton of fun! As I mentioned before, I had dinner at Novo (the chicken Caesar salad because I love their's and also because I'm boring and predictible) ...



(btw, I found out the wine was Blue Slate Riesling by Dr. Loosen, and it's German, not French.)


... and after stuffing myself near to bursting, I wandered around the market and got kinda sad when I saw all the BBQs, pizzas, pita sandwiches, roasted corn-on-the-cob, giant turkey legs, pies and cakes and other delicious yummy things I could've (and probably should've) noshed on instead.

Next time, I told myself. Next time.

One of the best parts about the SLO Farmer's Market is all the entertainment. There's bands:



Belly dancers:


And, even a very fun and popular puppet show:


The guy who does the puppet show is awesome! He has different voices for the characters - all of which sound delightfully fake and are utterly charming! -  and he sings songs, and totally and completely charms everyone, children and adults alike.


And, of course, there's lots and lots of produce:



I picked up some beets (from the Cal Poly stand above; sadly they didn't have kolerabis this week), spinach, radishes, almonds, sugar snap peas, a 3lb bag of the sweetest, juiciest oranges I've ever had, and a bouquet of beautiful, fragrant lilacs:


The evening ended with a lovely drive home and a beautiful sunset:


Tomorrow is Friday (thank God!) and Glory Day! I can hardly wait!!