Happy Valentine's Day!
Happy Valentine's Day

Thursday 13 Weekend To Do List

Many of these items on today's Thursday 13 (i.e., My Weekend To Do List) are repeats from a previous 13 simply because I haven't accomplished them yet, and really, really need to. However, this is a(nother) 3-day holiday weekend (3 days in a row, that is, unlike last weekend where the holiday was on a Tuesday!), so hopefully I'll accomplish what I set out to do.

1. Measure windows in living room for new blinds.

2. Measure space in living room for new TV stand.

3. Measure other space in living room for new small accent chair.

4. Print pictures to take to work (I have a calendar that allows you to insert your own photos, but I haven't done it yet this year, so I still have the sample photos with the banner stating "Insert Your Photo Here" on it. Gah!).

5. Pull weeds in front and back yards.

6. Cut down shrub that's blocking the view from the window in the den.

7. Fill bird feeder.

8. Trim bushes and trees.

9. Clean out leaves and other debris from planting beds.

10. Sell stuff on eBay (relist unsold items and add additional items - fancy jeans, two cameras and some miscellaneous jewelry).

11. Research flat screen HD TVs.

12. Sort through jewelry and get rid of the cheap junk.

13. Upload CDs to computer and get rid of them.

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Thursday!