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Friday Love List

A List of Things I Love Today:

1.       The new album by Stellar Kart, Expect the Impossible. I downloaded and listened to it last night and it’s awesome! I particularly liked the songs Innocent, Sunshine, and their cover of John Fogarty’s Centerfield.

2.       The songs Let God Arise by Chris Tomlin, Booming by tobyMac, Not Afraid by Stephanie Smith and Hello/Goodbye by Jessie Daniels.

3.       A Day in the Life Photo Project at

4.       Today is Leap Day! We get an extra day to breathe and speak and live and laugh and love!

5.       It’s also Friday, which is always awesome!

6.       It’s Glory Day: a day for coffee and gossip and friends.

7.       AND, it’s payday! Woo hoo!

8.       The novel Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver. Totally AWESOME book! I’m amazed how much I LOVE it!!

9.       All the pretty daffodils in my yard.

10.   Sweethearts left over from Valentine’s Day.

11.   Power outages. (What? They can be kinda fun and exciting in a carnival funhouse sort-of way!)

12.   Blueberry cake donuts. (I only had half of one, and I can prove it!)

13.   Dropping that damn five pounds that piled on earlier this month.

Today Was a Beautiful Day


Today was lovely: sunshine, blue skies, and spring-like temperatures! It was also sort of a half day for me because I had my four-month periodontal check up at the dentist. I was as bit nervous (when am I not?), because I've been slacking off really bad on my flossing and stuff, but it actually went really well! Those pockets are shrinking down to fours and threes and I couldn't be happier!!