Happy Valentine's Day
Spring Cleaning: The Back Yard Edition 2008

Friday Love List

Since yesterday’s Thursday 13 wasn’t about love or anything like that despite the fact that it was Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d dedicate today’s Love List to those things I’ve been lovin’ on this past week:

1.       I’ve been reading Mother Aegypt by Kage Baker – whom I totally love!! – which is a wonderful compilation of short stories. The one I loved the best was “Desolation Rose”.

2.       The song I’ve loved the most this week is: Never Going Back to OK by The Afters.

3.       I loved Jenny’s candy bar envelopes! Such a great idea and so cute, too!

4.       I also loved the Sweethearts with the adorable cover I received earlier this week as well as the cute Pixie Stix Valentine I got yesterday!



5.       Tuesday was the perfect day! I loved every minute of it! The sun was shining, the sky was blue, it was warm and simply beautiful!

6.       I also love that my broken eyeballs are getting much better!

7.       I love that Jericho is back!!! Yay!

8.       I love that Lost is still really, really awesome!

9.       I totally love that the writer’s strike is over, and everyone can get back to work!

10.   I loved, loved, loved this graffiti (found on the wall of the handicapped stall in the ladies room at Barnes and Nobel downtown SLO) – such perfect timing what with Valentine’s Day this week! I wonder if the artist planned that.


11.   I love the new books (Charles de Lint’s Spirits in the Wires and Theodora Goss’ In the Forest of Forgetting) I bought this past week. I’m really looking forward to reading them soon!

12.   I love that our little daffodils are starting to come up!

13.   I love how the rain has made the hillsides green!

14.   I love seeing the blossoms on the trees downtown!

15.   I love working out at the gym (even without my trainer!)!