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Rainy Day in SLO

Wintery Weekend To-Do List

For this week's Thursday 13, I decided to make a list of all the things I plan to do over this weekend, since it's supposed to be really nasty around here and we probaby won't want to go outside.

1.  Watch a few episodes of Torchwood (My season one DVD arrived in the mail yesterday! Squee!).

2.  Stamp Valentine's Day cards.

3.  Make chili or stew for dinner on Saturday.

4.  Make turkey lasagna or turkey meatloaf for dinner on Sunday.

5.  Revamp my blog/website.

6.  Watch the 2nd Pirates of the Carribean movie. (I borrowed it from a friend/coworker months ago!)

7.  Put stuff on eBay.

8.  Meaure living room windows for new faux wood blinds.

9.  Measure space for new TV stand.

10.  Measure space for accent chair to replace the old Victorian-style ottoman.

11.  Go through box of knick knacks in the garage.

12.  Take some pictures. (Lately I've been insprired by this blog, this blog, and this one, too.)

13.  Write some letters. (I owe my friend Jeni a letter, and I might try writing to a couple other friends I didn't hear from over the holidays.)