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Perfume Comparison

I looked up the scent notes for the Gaultier "Classique" and the Fendi "Palazzo" and here's what I found:

From the Macy's website describing "Classique": "... the tenderness of Rose and the spicy freshness of Star Aniseed at the top, the sweetness of Orange and Ginger at the heart, and the caressing aroma of Vanilla and the sensuality of Woody Amber at the base."

Vanilla, huh? Well, that explains the candy smell!

From Women's Wear Daily: Fendi Palazzo "is a flowery-woody scent", and the notes include mandarin orange, bergamot, lemon, pink pepper, orange blossom, jasmine, Bulgarian rose, patchouli and Gaiac wood."

Ah ha: Patchouli! One of my favourite fragrances! Well, I guess that explains why I ended up changing!

Well, it's not ALL bad news


*sigh* My eyeballs are STILL not 100%. I'm a bit disappointed and frustrated, and I think my eye doctor is, too. Still, as he said, the good news is my eyes aren't any worse, and are getting better; it's just taking longer that we both expected and wanted. So, I'm still on the eye drops twice a day, and have to go back again next month. Gah!

On a positive note, the rest of today's shopping/dining experience in SLO was fantastic! I scored a ton of cosmetics at Sephora, including a new fragrance: Jean-Paul Gaultier's "Classique".


I tried four fragrances on the paper sticks while I was browsing: the above-referenced Gaultier, Gwen Stefani's "L.A.M.B.", Fendi's "Palazzo", and Narciso Rodriguez "for her".  I nixed the Fendi and Rodriguez right away, and ended up spritzing the Gualtier and L.A.M.B. on each wrist. At the last moment, I spontaneously spritzed the Fendi "Palazzo" on the back of my right hand. As I wandered around I periodically sniffed my skin to see which fragrance I liked better. I was curious about the Gaultier, as I'd used the "Classique Summer" fragrance last summer and really liked it, and wanted to try the L.A.M.B. because I really like Gwen Stefani; the Fendi was an afterthought. 

The Gaultier was light and floral and girly. I couldn't tell you what the L.A.M.B. smelled like, as it seemed to vanish as soon as I sprayed it. I ended up going back to re-spritz it four times because the scent evaporated into thin air almost instantly. Finally I said to myself, "You're really just trying this perfume because it's Gwen Stefani's scent, aren't you? The scent isn't staying on your skin, is it? So, isn't it stupid to go for a name when the scent isn't even going to last?" Yeah, yeah, okay, okay! I thought the Fendi had a too-masculine note to it that I couldn't really put my finger on, but I wasn't sure I wanted to smell like.

So, I ended up buying Gaultier's "Classique" and was very happy. But as the day wore on, and I walked up to the eye doctor, then back downtown, I alternately sniffed my left wrist ("Classique") and the back of my right hand "Palazzo". After a while, the "Classique" started smelling sweet and sugary and reminded me of candy, which made me hungry. The "Palazzo" had mellowed and was just warm and woody and very relaxing. I was starting to like it better than what I'd purchased. By the time mom and I were sitting at The Corner View bar having another drink and some yummy grilled artichokes, I had decided to return the "Classique" and get the "Palazzo" instead.

*phew* I'm tired just writing all that down! I can't believe I spent so much time and energy on perfume!! Anyway, my other non-cosmetic purchases included a pair of purple knit slippers (with rubber dots on the bottom to keep me from slipping on the kitchen floor and falling on my ass), and a pretty blue and white, cutsie-animal-print duvet cover at Urban Outfitters. I found many, many other things I liked at UO, but just stuck with these two. (For now. I am so close to fitting into their size Large tops, it's not even funny!) I also had a Barnes and Nobel gift card, but by the time we finished our drinks and snack, we needed to catch the bus back home, so that will have to wait until we come back next month.

And now I am exhausted! I just got back from the gym where I did more cardio, and am now waiting for my dinner to heat up (chicken breast and some frozen mixed veggies). I'm hoping I don't fall asleep and fall face first in my plate!

A Day in SLO Town

Mom and I rode the bus down to SLO today - not the super early one I usually take, but the 8:38 one. We had coffee and a fat free chocolate muffin at Black Horse/Uptown, I shopped at Sephora and Urban Outfitters with my gift cards, and we're now having lunch at Big Sky, one of my favourite resaurants inSLO. In about an hour I have my eye doctor appointment, which I hope will brng good news, then some more shopping, this time at Barnes and Nobel.

A Delicious New Find

Dinner This morning when I went for coffee with a couple of my co-workers (at our favourite local coffee shop, Uptown Espresso, which is now known as Black Horse), and I noticed something different in the cooler which usually held coke in vintage-style bottles, SmartWater and VitaminWater: sandwhiches. Turns out they had just started carrying a variety of sandwhiches from Food by Scotti. The sandwiches sounds really good, so I decided to choose one for my mom and I to have for dinner this evening. I picked the chicken one, and boy, is it good!! He uses real chicken breast, not processed slices, and as I was told at Black Horse, he makes the foccaia bread himself, too! After my pedi, I ran into Albertson's and grabbed a couple to-go versons of Sabra's roasted red pepper hummus and pretzel chips to go with the sandwich, and it turned out to be a healthy, delicious dinner!

Polloandhummus_3 I'm thinking next week I'll try the portabello mushroom sandwhich! Yum!

Senorita Rose-alita

Fridaypedi This afternoon I was feeling mopey and decided I would need a pedicure to cheer me up. I called my favourite nail place (Le Nails and Spa) and got an appointment for some tootsie pampering. Because I hadn't planned for the pedi in advance, I didn't have my usual flip-flops or a nail colour, so I grabbed the flip-flops I keep at work (in case my heels are too uncomfortable) and just chose a colour from the large selection at the salon (see entry title for colour name).  Le's has changed from last year: they've got brand new pedicure chairs now with a fancy new bath tub and, best of all, massaging chairs! Ahhh! So relaxing! For some reason this past week was really long and trying, so this hour of pampering was very badly needed! I'm feeling much better now.

Today I ...

... finally posted in my blog with a Thursday 13 list!

Today I am ...

  1. ... reading Lambeau: The Man Behind the Mystique by David Zimmerman.
  2. ... listening to We Need Each Other by Sanctus Real.
  3. ... watching The Daily Special podcast on iTunes.
  4. ... eating a delicious, juicy clementine.
  5. ... drinking Organics green tea.
  6. ... eager to trying a new class at Kennedy tonight: Love to Dance.
  7. ... hoping I sleep well tonight.
  8. ... annoyed with my at-home printer running out of ink without warning.
  9. ... excited about the Packers game on Sunday!
  10. ... planning to cook either a lasagna or meatloaf this weekend.
  11. ... looking forward to having Monday off from work.
  12. ... craving Kettle Chips.
  13. ... happy that it's almost the weekend!