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A Few Weekend Accomplishments

While I didn't manage to accomplish everything I had planned for the weekend, I did manage to make a dent in the list:

1. The Task: Watch a few episodes of Torchwood (My season one DVD arrived in the mail yesterday! Squee!).

The Result: Accomplished, sort of: we watched episode one last night. It was really good, and I think I'm going to enjoy this series. Since there's nothing much on for the foreseeable future, mom and I thought we'd watch one episode per week in the hopes that this series can get us through the worst of the writer's strike.

2. The Task: Stamp Valentine's Day cards.

The Result: Not accomplished. I was looking through my latest copy of Stamper's Sampler on Saturday, and became discouraged by the elaborateness of so many cards being made today. I cannot possibly compete.

3. The Task: Make chili or stew for dinner on Saturday.

The Result: Not exactly accomplished, only because I changed my mind and went with the Italian turkey burgers instead. I still cooked, however, so that should count for something.

4. The Task: Make turkey lasagna or turkey meatloaf for dinner on Sunday.

The Result: Not exactly accomplished; I made a beef and barley soup instead. Yum!

5. The Task: Revamp my blog/website.

The Result: Not accomplished. Not sure I really want to bother after all. I guess it's fine the way it is.

6. The Task: Watch the 2nd Pirates of the Caribbean movie. (I borrowed it from a friend/coworker months ago!)

The Result: Not accomplished; mom and I watched recorded episodes of Project Runway, Chuck, Monk and Psych instead.

7. The Task: Put stuff on eBay.

The Result: Accomplished, and not only did I get stuff on eBay (three Torrid outfits I should have returned but never got around to it, the Victorian-style dress I never got to wear for Halloween because it didn't arrive on time, and my three Four Seasons carousel horses), I already sold two things (the Torrid outfits and the Victorian dress)!

8. The Task: Measure living room windows for new faux wood blinds.

The Result: Not accomplished.

9. The Task: Measure space for new TV stand.

The Result: Not accomplished.

10. The Task: Measure space for accent chair to replace the old Victorian-style ottoman.

The Result: Not accomplished.

11. The Task: Go through box of knick knacks in the garage.

The Result: Not accomplished, however, I did find a box on top of the craft armoire which contained two musical carousel horses I didn't remember I had, so I have some new stuff to display and enjoy.

12. The Task: Take some pictures.

The Result: Not accomplished. I guess I wasn't that inspired this weekend.

13. The Task: Write some letters. (I owe my friend Jeni a letter, and I might try writing to a couple other friends I didn't hear from over the holidays.)

The Result: Accomplished: I wrote one letter, to Jeni, and got it in the mail!

So, really it was a pretty good weekend despite the fact that it was windy and rainy pretty much the whole time, and I wasn't in Green Bay.