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Why Does This Happen Every Year?

It's the end of another week in December, bringing us ever closer to Christmas. I have decorated the house (inside; we never decorate the outside, except sometimes we'll put up the Christmas wreath on the door if we remember. this year we forgot.), purchased a gift for the Toys for Tots party at work (which is this evening after we close), and have in mind the gift to give to my Secret Santa person. Since we're not doing gifts for the family any more, I'm basically done.

Well, almost. I still haven't finished my Christmas cards or Christmas letter. I have ten cards stamped; they just need to be coloured in. Then I have to do the cards for Weetabix's Holiday Card Exchange which I participate in every year. I won't be stamping cards this year, I don't think (running out of TIME!), and though I found some awesome SLO-themed Christmas cards at Full Circle, they were WAY too expensive to buy so many (there were only 8 in a pack!). Every year I say I'm going to burn Christmas CDs for everyone, but do I ever get it done? No. Never. And just thinking about adding that to the mix is raising my blood pressure to an unhealthy level I'm sure!

SO. On to Plan B: colour in the already-stamped cards for family members, then use the photo I manipulated in, print them out and stick them on cards, and get them mailed out to the Holiday Card Exchange. It almost seems like a cop out, but they're still handmade cards, right? They're still unique and nice and most importantly good enough to send to my friends? Yes?

Why do I do this to myself every year? Stress myself out by trying to come up with a fabulous Christmas card and an awesome letter and blah, blah, blah? Why? When it only comes to tears? Bitter, bitter tears! And, maybe, people don't really care that much and are just thrilled to get mail. I don't know.

Gah! I need to relax. Chill. Kick back and have a glass of Chardonnay and watch Project Runway, which I taped earlier this week. That's exactly what I need to do.

And also? For next year? Plan earlier. Like in August!