Why Does This Happen Every Year?
The Official 2007 Family Christmas Letter

Trying New Stuff

Last night I made a vegetarian meal from recipe I got out of the September issue of Greens magazine (apparently it was really the Vegetarian Times, but they were playing aorund wth a new name). No, I'm not going vegetarian - I loves me a nice medium rare steak wwaaaaayyyyy too much to give it up! - but I am trying to eat healthier and like to try new recipes to keep from getting bored. So, I fixed the Savory Tofu and Vegetables Over Tomato Couscous. Initially my mother was not thrilled with the idea of having tofu, but the dish turned out really well, and it was delicious! We're going to try to have a vegetarian or vegan meal three or four times a month, just for a change of pace.