Tonight's Sunset
The Result


I'm finally getting a pedicure and it feels wonderful! I was too sick to go at all in November. (My toenails are like talons because I hadn't cut them at all either.) I'm at the Sky Nail and Spa in the Target center, mom is waiting for me in Target and when I'm done we're going shopping. We haven't been out shopping for fun in eons, so we're really looking forward to today!
Oh my Lord but this massaging chair feels good! And the leg and foot massage is awesome,too! Hot wax treatment ... Sigh! How I've missed this! The colour is O.P.I.'s "Got the Blues for Red" which is one of my favourites.
I've decided to get my eyebrows waxed while I' here, too.I've never had it done professionally, but I figured what the heck! I've been too blind to pluck my brows so I know they are a bit bushy. This should be interesting.