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Check up

So here I sit again in the eye doctor's office. I just had my initial check up where the assistsant checks my vision. This time, instead of using the spoon-like thing to cover first one eye then the other and attempt to read the letters on the chart, she used the ... well I don't know what it's called but it's the thing that looks like huge bizzare glasses, and you can fiddle with the dials to either make things blurry or clear. She made it where I could actually SEE very clearly the chart on the wall. I haven't seen distance that clearly since November 1st! I nearly wept with joy!


Doctor B. just told me my right eye is almost totally better and my left eye is just a little behind it. He said the inflammation should be completely gone in a couple weeks, and my vision should clear up within a month. Yay! Thank God!

Also my blood tests came back normal - the ones he had that is. Some tests had to be sent somewhere else to be run so I'lll get them next time. That will be in TWO weeks instead of one. That's good news, too!

At this point Doctor B. thinks this was just a fluke thing. He said he had a couple other patients recently who had iritis (their's were only in ONE eye and resolved within a DAY, lucky bastards!) both of whom had just come off a nasty upper respiratory illness. He asked if I'd been sick before all this and I said yes, that I had been fighting what I thought was a cold for two or three weeks in October before the stomach thing got me the end of that month. The doctor thinks perhaps there's a virus going around this year that can cause the iritis, and I will likely never get it again.

So good news all around today!