Happy Thanksgiving!
Five Posts Meme

Stuff I Love in Spite of Itself

Today's Friday Love List:

  1. I love my family, even when they irritate the crap outta me.
  2. I love red wine (particularly zinfandel), even though it gives me a headache.
  3. I love my friends, even if they're all so far away.
  4. I love The Gap, even though they don't carry my size.
  5. I love riding the bus to work, even though it takes longer than driving.
  6. I love cute, high heeled shoes, even if they give me blisters.
  7. I love audiobooks, even though I can't turn the pages.
  8. I love taking naps in the afternoon, even though it means I won't sleep well that night.
  9. I love designer clothes, even though I can't afford them.
  10. I love losing weight, even though it takes forEVER!