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Each Day It Gets Better and Better

My vision has improved significantly just since yesterday! I was able to read the newspaper this morning without the assistance of a magnifying glass, and when I went in to the doctor's office for a follow up on my blood tests, I as able to read a sign on the wall I was unable to read when I was in there last Thursday. So, slowly but surely, my eyes are getting better.

Today I saw a physician's assistant rather than the doctor I had been seeing. I really like this guy! He paid attention to me, examined my eyes (he thought it looked like uveitis, or inflammation of the iris, which is supposed to be treated immediately to prevent permanent vision loss; terrific), and went over my lab results using plain language I could understand. Basically, I'm perfectly healthy. Okay, yeah, my glucose is elevated, but heck, we just came off Halloween! Gimme a break! The 2-hour sugar tolerance test wasn't available yet, but he's going to call me later today with those results. That's the test that will let me know if I'm diabetic or not. Frankly, after seeing all my other numbers, I'm confident this test will come out okay, too.

I definitely feel better today. With my vision clearing, I'm able to relax and not worry so much. I'm still seeing an eye doctor tomorrow, and I might even get some drops to help speed the healing of my eyes, and I'm still pissed off about not having my eyes treated right away, but I am getting better, and hope to very soon be back to normal!

I Hate Fox!

So, the Packers are doing really well today - really, really well! Fox was actually showing the game, which was exciting for me, as a Packers fan lost in California. I'm enjoying watching my favourite team kick som butt. But, just because they are now 27 - 0 against the Vikings, Fox decided to switch to "a more competitive game". Bastards!! Who cares if it's not, in their opinion, "competetive"? Don't they care about the fans?!?

Today Was a Good Day

Yes, it was a good day. No, I'm not 100% better - my vision is stil blurry, but may be improving, and I'm not sure if I have a slight earache, or if I'm getting a headcold, and I'm still easily exhausted - but this was a pretty good day.

A while ago I ordered a new cabinet for my rubber stamp collection; it arrived a couple weeks ago. It's beautiful! Built by hand by an Amish craftsman in Pennsylvania, it's probably the most beautiful piece of furniture I've ever seen! And, the best part? It almost completely matches the craft armoir we already have!

Stamps2_2 Stamps3_2

This afternoon mom and I went through my bin of keeper stamps and put them into catagories such as People, Animals, Landscapes/Waterscapes, Fantasy (Mermaids, Angels, Mythical Creatures), Outdoors (Fences, Shrubs and Hedges, Topiaries, etc.), Interior (Furniture, Coffee Cups, Computers, Fish Tanks, etc.), Words/Phrases, Holidays/Special Occasions, Frames, Flowers/Gardening, and Miscellaneous.


We didn't expect to get them all in the cabinet, as I had quite a few left, and had planned on buying some smaller storage drawers to put on the bookshelves in the cubby. But. We didn't have to! ALL my rubber stamps fit in the cabinet, AND I have TWO EMPTY DRAWERS left over!  We were so excited!! Tomorrow I plan to go through the bin of stamps to get rid of, and see if there's anything I'd really like to keep. I'm sure I'll find something, as I loved all my stamps and getting rid of what I already have has been difficult.

So, yeah, still just hanging in there, and might actually be getting some flu symptoms from the flu shot I got on Thursday, but this? Was the best day I've had in over a week, so I'm very happy!

Still Alive

Well, I'm still here. Still have blurry vision, and headache and back, neck and muscle aches primarily associated with just laying around a lot and not being able to exercise. I left work early yesterday afternoon to see the doctor again. He was shocked to see the state of my eyes, and declared them worse than they were last Friday. I argued that they were, in fact, better, but that my vision was still blurry and I still had a headache. Naturally he only focused on the blurry vision, and didn't hear me about the headaches. I'm beginning to think this guy can only concentrate on one thing at a time. Last time he was all about my intestinal issues, and completely ignored my eyes. Well not completely, he did have down in his notes that I mentioned my eyes "hurt", but nothing about the blurryiness. Just because he didn't write it down, doesn't mean I didn't say it. Damn, but this guy is pissing me off something fierce!

Anyway, he ordered more blood tests and gave me a prescription for my eyes. I was pretty excited till I got home and my mom read the information on the drops he'd prescribed and discovered they are just an anithistimine. I TOLD him they're not allergy eyes! It's something else, godDAMNit, but he just won't hear me. Fine, I'll try the drops. Theyr'e soothing anyway.

This morning mom and I got up and headed for the blood place. Turns out he ordered not just a regular 12 hour fasting blood draw, but a 2 hour glucose/sugar tolerance test. I had to drink this disgustingly thick sweet gooey stuff, then return in one hour for a blood draw, then again in another hour. The first hour I thought I was going to be sick! That stuff is disgusting! I managed to not thorw up, and actually started to feel better after the second hour. Unfortunetly I was totally knocked out for the rest of the day. I've been so exhausted lately, all I can do is lay around. My back is killing me!

So, now I have a follow up appointment with another doctor to go over my blood tests, and Tuesday afternoon I have to leave work early (again!) to see an opthomologist (I hope I spelled that right!). I'm hoping to have some answers by Wednesday as to whether or not a) I have diabetes, and/or b) there's something seriously wrong with my eyes.

I am so damn tired. Of all of this. I just want to be healthy again.

Gratitudes for Today (and a couple complaints)

1.  I am BETTER! Woo Hoo!  (Not 100%, but we'll get to that later.)

2.  I am finished taking the horse-pill-sized antibiotics!! Thank God for that because they were kicking my ass every day for the last five days!!

3.  I am back at work - at last! - and will most defintely make it the entire day! (I made it till 12:30 yesterday before going home to collapse and die - again, horse pill antibiotics kicked my ass!)

4.  I lost at least seven pounds in the last five days, and while that's awesome, it's not the best or funnest way to lose weight!

5.  It doesn't appear that I got anyone else sick, which yay! and also pretty much leads me to believe I got this bacterial infection from the bagged salad mix I ate last Monday and Tuesday nights.

And, now for some griping.

1.  My eyes are still red and sore and my vision is still blurry. This is annoying. Everyone tells me it's probably conjuctivitis (pink eye, oh joy!), but then why didn't the doctor say anything? And why didn't he give me any drops to put in them? Gah! I really don't like doctors!

2.  I had great plans for NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo. I know I can't make up for the days I've missed (ha! i just totally spelled that "mist"! there's nothing wrong with my eyes, it's my brain that's messed up!) blogging, but at least I can pick up and carry on from here. I'm more concerned about NaNoWriMo because I've actually lost all desire to write the novel I was thinking about writing. I think the horse pills killed it.

BUT, back to the good news: I'm better, I'm back at work, and I think I will survive this horrific incident after all! Cheers!


Gah. I could not have picked a worse time to get sick. I thought it was just a simple stomach flu, but it ended up being a bacerial infection (probably from a bagged salad mix; that's what I get for trying to be healthy!) that effected not only my tummy but also my eyeballs. I've never had such pain! I can't focus close up for move my eyeballs too quickly without intense pain, so no reading for me while I'm stuck in the house with chills, fever and general malaise. I went to the doctor yesterday morning (stayed home from work, which I hate to do!) and got a 'script for a massive antibiotic as well as a lecture for not having seen a "real" doctor for thirteen years. As if the doctor I've been seeing for the past 13 years isn't a real doctor! Just cause he's a OB/GYN doesn't mean he's not a real doctor! Gah! Anyway, I hope to be well enough by tomorrow to give a proper update, but for now, I must go into a dark room and close my poor, red, puffy sore eyes. *sob*

(A Very Brief) Rehab Recap

Rehab in Green Bay; just what the doctor ordered. Autumn colours – red, gold, orange, green - great friends, warm hugs and much squee. We had sushi at Little Tokyo, the good Doctor in multiple shot glasses at The Sardine Can; partied till the wee hours. Rock star limousine through Door County; stop to try the squeaky cheese curds, see the restaurant with the goats on the roof, buy some Ho-Made chopped cherry jam. Karaoke fell flat, but the night was warm and the company was warmer, and the Packers won on Sunday, so who cares? Can’t wait till next year!

Thursday 13: NaBloPoMo Ideas

Happy November 1st! Happy NaNoWriMo, NaBloPoMo and NaNoReMo Day One! Phew! I'm exhausted and I just got started! Anyway, this week's list consists of a bunch of blog post ideas I've come up with in the hopes of actually accomplishing at least one blog post per day in November.

1.  100 Words entries. Yes, I'm going to try to do 100 Words again this month along with everything else! I figure if nothing else, I'll be killing two birds with one stone!

2.  A Thankful entry. I joined this group and thought it would be a good idea to try to come up with at least one thing to be thankful for each day this month.

3.  A weekly photo. I love to take pictures, and sometimes they're pretty! I also enjoy playing around with and

4.  A Weekly recipe.  I have several favouirte recipes I plan on making this month, and might even try some new and different ones. None of them are my own, so I will definitly be linking to the source, but I've never shared recipes before, and thought it sounded fun.

5.  Fitness updates. Not that I'm going to turn this into a Fitness or Weight-Loss blog, but I think writing about my progress and/or failures might be helpful to me.

6.  Haiku. I haven't written haiku in a long time, and that's just a crying shame.

7.  The Love List. It's a meme, yes, but one I've been wanting to participate in since I've seen it on Bozoette's blog. Like the Thankful entry, I think reminding myself of what I love will help me stay positive and happy. 

8.  Recaps (FINALLY) of my recent trips to Napa Valley and Rehab (a/k/a, Green Bay, WI).

9.  Christmas card ideas and entry documenting their creation. Starting too early, you say? Perhaps, but I know I'll be pariticipating in at least one Christmas card exchange, so I'll WANT to get started early!

10.  "Day in the Life" entries. Will probably start off with "Today I ..." Feel free to skip over these, as they will most likely be boring with a capital "B".

11.  Exciting news!! Well, who knows? There's 30 days in November, anything can happen!

12.  NaNoWriMo and NaNoReMo updates.

13.  Thursday 13 lists. Well, of course! You didn't think I'd leave it out, did you?