Happy Monday!
Jury Duty Update

Jury Duty

So, today I have Jury Duty. I tried several times last night to call the number and find out what my fate was, but the number was either busy, or, if I did happen to get through, it put me on hold and left me with dead air for as long as I could handle it. The longest I lasted was five minutes. I also tried going online to check my status, but the web page refused to load (I left it trying for an hour while I watched Chuck, going in to check on it periodically). Finally, around 9:30p.m. I gave up.

I just got off the phone after a successful call to the automated information line, and now I'm on "telephone standby", which means that between 11:30 and noon today I need to call back to see if I'm called upon to serve.

More soon!