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Five Posts Meme

Another borrowed meme, this time from the lovely Mary from Red Nose.

Tag! You're it! Brag about your diary! The meme: Pick out five blog posts that illustrate the evolution of your blog, link to them, and comment on them. Then tag five more diarists.

Okay, this wasn't as easy as I thought it would be, as I have nearly 800 posts on my blog! Also, I used this blog mostly as a portal leading to entries on my currently-on-life-support journal or photo sets on flickr, so I don't actually have to many quality entries, but I sloshed through my archives and came up with what I think are five of my best blog posts:

1. Silver Anniversary. Old pictures and memories of my dad on the 25th anniversary of his death.

2. A Positive Weekend Recap. Participation Positives is one of my favourite memes, even though I often forget to do it. The premise is to start the week off on a positive note by listing positive things or writing a poisitive post. I had several of these to chose from, but re-reading this post made me smile, so I chose it.

3. Life and Death. My politically incorrect opinion on the death of Teri Schaivo and the way innocent human beings are treated in this country in general. It's actually pretty short, and I didn't even share my opinion of her adulterous asshole "husband", so I was really holding back, but I'm sure it'll piss someone off anyway.

4. Mayfly Project. I love memes (you may have noticed), and The Mayfly Project, where you sum up the past year in twenty words or less (okay, apparently they've changed it to 24 words exactly; not quite sure when they did that, but whatever), is particularly challenging.

5. Day Off. I love to take pictures (you may have noticed that as well). This one is one of my favourites. Enjoy!