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I Am a Jinx

Okay, so I think I've figured it out. Finally. It doesn't have anything to do with me wearing or using Packers merchandise on game day or any other time, it's all about whether or not I watch the game! I only got to watch part of the first game of the season - which they won. I didn't get to watch the next two, but followed the "action" on the internet, and they won those games, too. They were in Minnesota when I was in Green Bay, and although we were watching the game in a sports bar, the TV screens were really far away, and I was spending more time chatting with my friends than paying attention to the game, and again, they won. Last week's game on Sunday night I watched every single second of from start to finish. They lost. Yesterday I didn't even know if they were playing or not, and I was tooling around wine country with DeeDee and Pammie Sue (entry and photographic evidence of drunkeness and fun coming soon!) anyway, so I couldn't have watched the game even if I'd wanted to, and I just looked it up on and saw that they won. So, that's it. I can't watch the Packers play football. I am jinxing my team.