One More Thing to do Starting in November

Halloween May Be Screwed, but I Can't Help but Be Happy

Last week I purchased a dress on eBay that was relatively inexpensive and would be perfect for our theme of 1800's/Victorian era. Unfortunetly it wasn't shipped on Thursday like I thought it was (due to a family emergency on the seller's side), it was shipped today, which means it won't arrive till Friday. So now it's only a day till Halloween, and I have no costume, nor do I have time to shop for one.


However I can't be TOO bummed because the item that DID arrive at my house today (which I have mistakenly believed to be the dress) turned out to be the craft cabinet I ordered a couple months ago to store my rubber stamps in. I am VERY excited to finally have it, and I can't wait to organize my remaining stamps!

So there was a little good to go along with the disappointment. Also a good thing: the Packers are playing on Monday Night Football in about seven minutes, and I'll be able watch at least the last half when I get home from the gym.