Are You Ready for Some Football?
The Rain Waited 'Till We Were All Gone


Well, the Packers won their game, and it has been decided: I'm not wearing or using ANY Packers merchandise this season! I haven't worn my cheesehead or Brett Favre jersey, I haven't drunk beer out of my Packers glass or used a Packers pen, and they've been doing great and winning so far this season. I'm normally not supersitious like this, but after today I'm convinced! I brought a pair of Packers earrings I bought earlier this year, and had them in my purse, but didn't wear them. And, they won!

After the game, Weetabix and I went to Lambeau Field to visit the Packer Pro Shop. I ended up buying more Packers merchandise I can't use or wear on game day, but I'm very pleased with my purchases, particularly a lovely Packer charm bracelet watch!

Later Weet drove me around Green Bay, showing me Curly Lambeau's house, and the two previous fields the team played on before Lambeau Field was built. Green Bay is such a lovely little town filled with tree-lined streets and quaint little homes. It's peaceful and homey. I don't really know how to explain it, except that it feels like home, even more than my own home does. Maybe it's the town. Maybe it's the company I get to spend time with when I'm here. I don't know. But I know one thing: I love it!