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Yes, thank GOD it's finally Friday! This was one of the most horrific weeks I've ever endured, but thankfully it ended on a high note. One of the girls in Civil decided to cook breakfast for us - eggs, bacon, sausage (links and patties), waffles, fruit, berries - it was crazy, but delicious. Several of us helped her cook, as it was WAY too much for one person to deal with, and it was really fun to come together as a team like that and accomplish this great task.


For lunch several of us ordered sandwiches from The Pita Pit. I got the California Club, and it was fantastic! I didn't get a picture of it, I just wolfed it down!

After work a few of us headed to Tahoe Joe's for drinks an appetizers. I had, for the first time, a mojito:


It was delicious and refreshing, and I can see now why it has become so popular. Yum! We ordered nachos, Railroad Camp shrimp and quesadillas.


It was so good! Not just the delicious food and wonderful drinks, but it was good to be out with some of the girls from the office (and one brave husband!), just shooting the breeze and relaxing. It was the perfect end to what was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad (and strange) week.



P.S.: Only ONE of those mojitos is mine! I swear!

Song & Dance

I've probably said at some point that we never get rain here during the summer. I suppose I've also mentioned in passing how much I miss summer thunderstorms. Well overnight I was both proven wrong and greeted by a long, lost friend.

The first thunderstorm began around 11p.m. with house-rattling thunder and bright flashes of light accompanied by a bucet-dumping of rain. The other half dozen or so storms followed every hour or so. All night long. Very exciting, exillerating and fun, but it does not much lend itself to sleep.

A couple times I got up to watch the show. The thunder was loud clapping, rumbling, roaring - my dad always told me that sound was the angels bowling - and the lightning was bright and crackeling as it danced across the thick clouds. The rain was a welcome treat - I love the smell of rain, love how it washes the dirt and grime of life away and makes everything fresh, clean and new. I worried about the garden, unprotected as it was against the elements, but I peeked out the kitchen window this morning and everything looked okay. Plants were still standing anyway, but doesn't rain make tomatoes split? And wha t, if anything can a hard rain do to melons? I guess we'll find out.

And naturally I didn't bring an umbrella so naturally it's gong to downpour on me as I head into work. I'm so glad I bothered to fix my bangs today.


Morning Serenade

I wish I had the ability to record and post sound on my blog. I probably do, but just don't know how to do it. Why? Our bus driver is singing to us. Yes, singing. He's singing One Tin Soldier, a song which I love, but which always makes me cry. I'm trying to ignore him and just read my book, but it's hard. He's got a good voice. It's nice. Strange, but nice.

'Tis Better Now

The day has improved considerably from this morning. Now I feel stupid for being so upset and swearing so badly about it all, and have been seriously tempted to delete the offending entry, but hey, it's honest, and besides I haven't been writing much lately, so I suppose I should keep a post even if it is an idiotic tyrade.

So, yeah, things are much better now. I guess griping about it help get the anger out of my system, and I'm able to laugh about it now. Sort of. I'm still annoyed by the treatment I got entering my place of employment - apparently they'd recalibrated the metal detectors, so they are really super sensitive, but I don't think that excuses the fact that the guy basically ignored my badge and made be go through twice. Gah!

My Sense of Reason: Okay, okay, calm down! He's just doing his job; it's just policy.

Me: I know, I know, but it still annoyed me.

MSoR: Let it go.

Me: Fine.

Moving on. I haven't been out to check on the garden all week, but I did notice two more ginormous cucumbers and two more tomatoes sitting on the counter last night when I got home. I had some cucumber and one of the tomatoes in my salad for dinner and they were so good! I need to go out and get some more pictures (I've been documenting the garden this year over in my sorely neglected journal) and see how much progress has been made this past week.

In other news ... well, there really hasn't been a whole lot going on, hence the radio silece. Or blogging silence, if you prefer. I get up, go to work, go to the gym, go home and go to bed. The next day I do it all over again. On the weekends, mom and I have been working on getting stuff organized, sold or simply removed from the den so we can finish painting and get it set up the way we want. If we really buckled down, we could probably get it done in a weekend, but we really don't want to work that hard, and really, we can wait.

So, that's it. My life in a nutshell. Cheers!

Not a Stellar Beginning to the Day

I have a feeling I will need to keep my mouth shut today. Foul words are poised to fly out of it. Foul words like the ones I'm about to start spewing right now.

The bus broke down three times on the way in this morning. THREE. TIMES. The driver - poor fellow! - had to pull the bus over, turn it off, get out and tinker with the control panel outside, turn it back on and drive a few more miles before it started acting up again. It wasn't so bad, really. I was only ten minutes late which is actually the exact time I used to get in. Also, I know it's not the driver's fault, so I'm not at all mad at him. RTA on the other hand? Need to get their shit together and fix their damn buses!

While that was annoying and all, the thing that really pissed me off was the GuardsMark guy making me go through the metal detecter TWICE - the first time taking off my badge (yes the BADGE that proves I'm a Court employee, for fuck's sake), the second time taking off my watch. Dude. I fucking WORK here! I'm not likely to fuck around and bring in a weapon or something. You've seen me coming in here every freakin' morning for the past, what? five months since y'all've been here? Shit.

So that's my morning thus far. Is it five o'clock yet?

Pretty Toes


I decided to pamper myself and get a manicure and pedicure today. I haven't had either in three weeks, so I was in despirate need! I went to my usual place, and, frankly, was a tad disappointed. I don't know if the guy was just tired or in a bad mood, or what, but I didn't really get a very good pedi (the mani, done by another guy, was perfect; no complaints there). He cut my big toenails way too short - I mean, I asked for short, but he cut them to the quick! - and poked the cutucle of the big toe on my left foot so it bled a little and hurt a lot. After all that, I thought I deserved something special, so when he suggested a flower, I deicded to go for it! They turned out really pretty. I'm mostly happy, but I'm also thinking next week, I might just go over to Paso and get my nails done at the place by Target that has the vibrating chairs.