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Atascadero Wine Festival

Yesterday mom and I went to the 12th Annual Atascadero Wine Festival. It was great fun! We hadn't been for a few years because I usually went to the CAPA Conference. Well, the Con was in San Diego this year, and I didn't have any time (or money) to travel down there to attend, so I went to the Wine Fest instead! It was, I can pretty much guarantee, much more fun! Read all about it here! Cheers!

Thursday Thirteen: Hawaii Edition

Thirteen Things I Loved About My Vacation to Hawaii (in no particular order):

1.  Hawaii!! I was in HAWAII!! Totally beautiful and warm (and humid!) and wonderful! Yes, I got sunburned, but dang! it was worth it!!


2.  Gorgeous white sand beaches!


3.  Ocean kayaking! Really, really hard, but totally awesome fun!


4.  Snorkeling! OMG! Totally AMAZING awesome fun!!


5.  The sunset from the Kahua Ranch. Spectacular!


6.  The wonderful meal at The Fish Hopper Restaurant. Fancy and ono (Hawaiian for "delicious"), but afforable!


7.  Hulihe'e Palace Too bad about the earthquake damage, but still and lovley place!


8.  Beautiful Flowers. Like this one:


9.  Lava rock - strange, yet very cool looking. And also useful: the Hawaiians used the lava rocks to build above-ground planters like this one:


10.  Swimming with dolphins! The best most amazing experience EVER!!!


11.  Cute critters!


12.  The Luau!


13. Great company! Mahalo for inviting me to come with  you, DeeDee!


And, aloha to all of you!

If a picture's worth a thousand words ...

... how much would 1,593 pictures be worth? That's how many pictures I took on vacation in Hawaii: 1,593. I'm still going through them, cropping them, saving the good ones and discarding the bad, out-of-focus ones. It's taking forever, but I'm getting closer every day. Here's a few more to whet your appetites:

884 914

1240 1505

In other news, my sunburn is now peeling, so I'm extra special pretty right now. And also, it itches like madness, especially my back where I can't reach it. Gah.

Back Home

Aloha, Cousins!

I arrived safe and sound in SLO bright and early this morning, and made it in to work by 9:30. Not bad! I'm still sunburned (and getting itchy!), and strangely enough at about 1:15 I noticed my ankles had swollen. Is this one of those "I can't win for losing"-type situations? Gah! There are about a dozen reasons why this happened: 1) I've been eating aspirin for the past week, and it clearly says on the box to stop if you suddenly swell up; 2) I'm dehydrated from not drinking enough water; 3) I didn't walk around enough (i.e., at all) on the flight home; 4) I'm getting my period; or 5) My shoes were too tight (I was wearing my water sox all day which were still kinda wet after the day before.). My guess is a combination of all five. That, and my dumb luck.

Anyway, while the swelling has subsided a bit now, but they're still puffy. I have no idea what shoes to wear to work tomorrow as I abandoned my old birkies in Kona. Not the smartest move I made while on the island!

And now for a little photo:


Last Day

Aloha! I'm writing from the public terminal in the lobby of the resort because britney treo's battery has finally died. Sadly, I didn't remember until this morning that all my addresses were in there, and now it won't turn on. And, I already bought all the post cards. Sigh. Anyway, this has been an awesome trip, and I've loved every second of it! I filled up two memory cards for my camera - one of which was a 1 GB! So, yeah, lots of pictures!

Here's a brief overview of the trip thus far:

Saturday DeeDee and I arrived on the Big Island. We didn't do much but kinda drive around and get our bearings. We had nachos and foofoo drinks at the Hard Rock Cafe and called it a day.

Sunday we took a left on Hwy 19 and explored part way up the coast. We stopped at a State Park, found a gorgeous little beach tucked behind a fancy-pants hotel/resort/condos/shopping mecca, and saw a sea turtle up close. That evening we attended a luau where we had more foofoo drinks and ate our weight in roasted pig and Hawaiian sweet potatoes. Once I figured out which setting to use on my camera, I got some great shots of the dancers!

Monday was our ocean kayaking/snorkeling day. Man, am I glad I've been working out, because paddling the kayak in the ocean is hard work! But it was totally awesome! So was the snorkeling, once I got past the clausterphobic part of having the mask on and not being able to breathe through my nose! The coral reef was truly amazing, and my underwater camera case worked perfectly! I've got some great pictures to share!!! Later that evening (i.e., after taking a well-deserved nap!), we shopped for shoes, and had more foofoo drinks and a delicious dinner at The Fish Hopper. I highly recommend it!!

Tuesday we did some shopping along Alii Street, checked out the King Kamehameha's Palace and the first church built on the Island, then had a four martini lunch at what looked at first like a little dive place, but had the most amazing view, I couldn't resist! And, also the food was pretty good! We spent the evening at a Hawaiian ranch up in the mountians with a bunch of awesome paniolos - Hawaiian cowboys!No foofoo drinks here, but I did try some local brew, and it was very nice!

Today is my last day here. (cue violins) I'm a bit sad, but at the same time very sunburned (note to self - next time take something to cover legs and back when on kayaking trip!), and kinda looking forward to getting home and seeing my family and friends. This afternoon DeeDee and I are going to swim with Dolphins at another fancy-pants hotel/resort which should be all kinds of awesome! Especially now that I know my underwater camera case really works!!

I fly back at 7:05 this evening, so I really do have a goodly chunck of the day to do one last cool thing - like find a black sand beach? Yeah, that would be cool!