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How is it Thursday Already?!?

Thirteen Things I Need to Pack for My Vacation to Hawaii:

  1. Pack sunscreen. LOTS of sunscreen!
  2. All my camera stuff: the camera (obviously!), extra memory cards, extra batteries, battery charger, waterproof camera case, and card reader for my laptop.
  3. Laptop (for dumping all the hundreds of thousands of photos I hope to take).
  4. britney treo and charger (for "beach blogging"!).
  5. Bathing suit.
  6. Shampoo, conditioner and finishing spray with sunscreen.
  7. Shoes: comfy walking shoes, water mocs, Birkies and cute, strappy sandals.
  8. A light jacket for evenings on the beach and, of course, the luau.
  9. A floppy hat.
  10. A large beach towel.
  11. Postcard stamps.
  12. A good "beach book" (What a Girl Wants by Kristin Billerbeck).
  13. My iPod (mostly to get me through the flights and airports, etc.).


Dental Diva Update

I am now officially the owner - or would that be wearer? - of a shiny porcelain crown! Gah! Lord, I am SO happy to finally have this done! It's been months and months since this dental drama began with the crunch of a seemingly innocent (and totally delicious) butter toffee peanut. That was back in February, people! FEBRUARY!!! Sigh. But, at last it's finished. I had the crown installed today, and it's wonderful - shiny, pretty and smooth (unlike the rough texture of the temporary crown I've been wearing for over three months)! I am so relieved I could just weep, but I won't. I don't have time; I am too busy for tears - joyful or otherwise. I have to watch the 2-hour finale of 24 that I taped last night, and then watch American Idol. After that I can have my nervous breakdown! Cheers!

A Whole Bunch of Updates

Thirteen to be exact!

1.  I cannot even begin to express my sadness over the cancellation of Jericho. My mom and I both love this show and have watched it every week since it began. We were excited for it just from watching the ads that aired months before the show started! We are deeply investing in this show and the characters. And they end it just as a major war was going to break out over farmland and salt mines and control of not only the town of Jericho, but the whole area, heck maybe even the whole country, and now they cancel it? Without even letting them wrap up any storylines? Wrong, people. It’s just so wrong.

2.  While I’m bummed Melinda Doolittle won’t be in the finale of American Idol next week, I know she’ll do well. I’ll buy her album when it comes out; although I have a sneaky feeling my mom will enjoy it more than I will. I’m predicting (hoping, praying) Jordin Sparks wins now (even though her name is spelled wrong, and it bugs me).

3.  Mom told me she planted the garden yesterday. We’d purchased the plants last Saturday, and we’re really looking forward to this year’s venture. The sparrows bypassed us, or so it seems, so we will hopefully not have any bird-borne diseases killing our crops like last year. I’m also excited because this year we purchased two honeydew melon plants! We’ve never tried melons before, so this will be a fun (and hopefully delicious) experiment!

4.  I’ve lost weight. How much exactly I don’t know, because my scale is still broken, but I can tell because I looked at my profile in the mirror last Thursday and noticed half my ass was gone. The bulgy part at the top that gave me that “bubble butt” look is just gone. My size 20 pants are all waaaayyyy too big now, and seriously baggy in the butt. I have also noticed my rolls of back fat have reduced significantly, which makes me very happy!

5. I’ve been fighting with my bras for about a year or so now – the straps always fall halfway down my arms, and when I raise my arms (which I unfortunately have to do pretty often to reach the top shelf) the cups rise up, and more often than not my boobs fall out. Uncomfortable and frustrating to say the least; embarrassing as hell to say the most! BUT! I finally figured out what was wrong with them. Well, not them exactly; it wasn’t the bra’s fault. It was totally user error. You see, I’d been hooking my bras on the very first set of hooks at the end of the strap, and, to put it simply, I finally realized they were just too big that way. Yesterday I hooked my bra on the very last set of hooks, and not only did the bra fit perfectly, but it was comfortable and the straps stayed up on my shoulders all day long! Yes, I do have a college education, why do you ask?

6.  When I started working out sometime last year (November, I think) I could barely do ten minutes on the elliptical machine at level 2 or 3 without just dying. I would beg my trainer to let me ride the recumbent bike for the last cardio session because I just couldn’t do anymore, and had to sit down. Now? I do 20 minutes on the elliptical at level 8 or 9. It’s not effortless – I’m breathing pretty hard and I sweat like a pig! – BUT, I can do it more comfortably than I could before, and feel so much better when I’m done! And, I can go fast, too! Even without TrainerDude’s help (He used to get in front of the machine and pump the arm handles to make the damn machine go faster. I hated him very much then.) I can get my heart rate up to 160 on that machine now. Sometimes the recumbent bike still looks tempting, but not as much as it used to.

7.  Ditto with the weights: I can tell my strength has improved quite a bit, and not just because TrainerDude has been upping my weights. I can just feel it. Which I know is not very descriptive, but I can’t really explain it. It just is.

8.  One of my favouirite things right now are the little tiny containers of Haagan Daz ice cream. Naturally I can’t find a link to them on the Haagan Daz website, but I took a picture of one of mine, and will post it later. My favourite flavour of all time – coffee – as been miniaturized, so I’m thrilled! I saw at the grocery store they also had Ben and Jerry’s mini ice creams, too, but not in any of the flavours I like.

9.  I have lately been downloading and enjoying the audio version of some new Doctor Who books. So far I’ve listened to The Stone Rose and The Resurrection Casket, and currently have The Feast of the Drowned and Fury of the Deep on my iPod. The latter book is actually a dramatization of an actual Doctor Who episode which sadly was lost because it was old and apparently not well preserved.

10.  Speaking of iPods, I recently purchased two new ones – a neon-pink Nano and a 80 gig white video one. No real reason, just because. Well, there was a reason for the Nano – I wanted something small and lightweight I could take to work (everyone here does it, so yes, it’s okay) and to the gym. The other one was a complete impulse buy, and a pretty naughty one to boot!

11.  For the past six months or so I’ve been experiencing the sensation of riding up and down in an elevator. When I’m not riding up and down in an elevator. I get that sudden lightheaded up/down feeling when I’m bending over, straightening up, sitting down, sitting still, standing up, and annoyingly enough, I had it last night while working out. It was after the elliptical as I was following TrainerDude to the mats for crunches. I had a couple dizzy moments on the mat, too, now that I think about it. I’m not sure what it means, except that my body – in particular my brain – is being obnoxious. I never feel like I’m going to pass out, just that I’m either moving when I’m not moving, or moving in a direction I’m not going in. Again, I’m explaining things shitily, and I’m sorry. I only mention it because one of my co-workers recently passed out cold in a grocery store, and apparently has some vertigo or inner ear thing going on, and I’m starting to wonder if I might be heading in that general direction.

12. On a much lighter note this weekend will be spent mostly outdoors enjoying the sunshine, trimming off annoying plants that are attempting to overgrow the yard, and planting flowers. This evening I’m mowing the lawn in lieu of going to the gym, and I’m actually looking forward to it. I do enjoy being outdoors doing yard work, it’s just making myself go out that I have trouble with. Once I get started, I’m golden!

13.  Tomorrow is Friday: Day of Glory! MarathonGirl and I went out for tea today and it was lovely, but it’s the coffee I really look forward to every week!



NewsByte: Why Are (Some) Teachers So Damn Stupid? Or, Two Really Compelling Cases for Pulling Your Kid Out of the Public School System and Home School Them

(With apologies to my teacher friends and family members; I know none of you would ever think of being as retarded as these so-called “educators”.)

Teachers Stage Fake Gunman Attack on Sixth Graders Wow, what a great idea! Let’s emotionally and physically traumatize and torture a bunch of sixth-grade kids by convincing them they’re going to be killed by a masked gunman. Brilliant!

Chicago Board of Ed Sued for Teacher Allegedly Showing 'Brokeback Mountain' in Class. Well, duh! Of course they’re going to sue!! What parent (or grandparent, as was the case here) in their right mind would want their 12-year-old child subjected to a movie with such mature content? There’s a reason that film is rated “R”, you idiots! I hope that woman loses her teaching credential!

What really pisses me off about these two stories is that in both cases no one at the school bothered to give the parents any warning that either the “test” was going to take place in the one case, or that an R-rated movie was going to be shown in the other. Don’t schools have to send home permission slips that parents have to sign if they were going to take the kids on a field trip or show a movie that parents might not approve of? I remember well that that used to be the case. Has this changed? What makes these schools and teachers think they know better than the parents what the kids should see or how they should be treated? When did the school systems get so much damn power over people’s children?

(I know I usually try to keep my posts here positive and cheerful and nice and friendly and all unicorns and rainbows, but these two stories just really, really made me angry, and I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut about them. I feel better now that I’ve vented my spleen about these two stories, so we can now go back to our regularly scheduled happy, happy, joy, joy.)

Happy Mother's Day!

I stamped a couple Mother's Day cards for my mom and grandmother; nothing special, just a couple simple designs. The one with the bunny is for my grandmother, who has been feeding a wild rabbit that lives in their shrubbery in the back yard for a few years now. He's an odd little beastie - he only eats bird food. My uncle bought a bag of rabbit food, and he wouldn't even touch it! She worries so much about that silly rabbit!  The other one with the coffee cup is for my mom because we're always going out for coffee. I had to take pictures of the cards because I can't hook my scanner up to my new computer, but you can get the idea!



Got the Blues for Red

The cut I got on my big toe last weekend healed sufficiently enough for me to get a pedi tonight. Earlier in the week I purchased a few more bottles of O.P.I. nail polish, and tonight I chose Got the Blues for Red, a deep, delicious red colour that reminds me of biting into a ripe, juicy Bing cherry. Yum.


Cuesta Grade Fire(s)

Fire2Not one, not two but THREE fires were burning on Cuesta Grade this afternoon! Luckily all three were under control very quickly, but I could still see smoke rising off the scorched ground as the bus drove slowly by. It took quite a bit longer to get over the Grade because of all the emergency vehicles and one lane being closed. And people slowing down to look as well, I'm sure, but at least the Grade was still opened. It's going to be a bad year for fires around here, I think. It's already been bad around California, and fire season doesn't even start till Monday!