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Dental Diva Update

Can I still be called a "Dental Diva" even though I've had a root canal and will soon be getting a crown? I'm beginning to wonder. The whole Dental Diva thing was to celebrate my newfound resolve to save my teeth from rotting out of my head beginning with the root planing, and continuing through my every three or four month periodontal cleaning and daily home maintenance. Now, just when I'm getting to the end of the periodontal maintenance and am on the verge of returning to a twice-yearly cleaning schedule, I end up breaking a tooth, needing a crown, then needing a root canal! Sounds like more of a dental disaster to me.

Anyway. My final root canal appointment was earlier this afternoon, and it went okay as root canals go. I guess. I'm a little achy and sore where I had the shots and from having my jaw open for an hour and a half, but other than that I guess I'm okay. Just tired. And disappointed. BUT, I'm pain-free, so I suppose I should be thankful for that, and I'm nearly finished with this whole process: the crown goes on (for sure this time) May 10th!