Pretty Fingers Pretty Toes
Weekend Update

The 3-Day Thirteen

13 things to do over my 3-day weekend.

1.  Yard work, which includes weed pulling, shrub and plant trimming, and dead tree removal, and may or may not include planting flowers and/or veggies.

2.  Transfer files from my old computer to my new computer. This will hopefully get my iTunes back in order. When I bought the new computer I asked the sales associate about transferring my iTunes, and he told me I could just plug in my iPod and it will download all my stuff to the new computer. It didn’t; it only transferred the music I’d purchased on iTunes, not the stuff I’d uploaded from CDs (many of which I’ve since gotten rid of). I’ve gone from having a LOTof music on my iPod to very little, and I’m somewhat concerned. Anyway, we’ll see what happens.

3.  Get a manicure and pedicure. As much as I’ve enjoyed the colour-changing of the nail polish I’m currently wearing, I’m not thrilled with the fact that the polish started chipping three days after application. My nails are a mess, now, but I’ll wait ‘till after doing the yard work to get my nails done.

4.  Stamp Easter cards. I know I’m really running late on these, but I hope to get some done this weekend. One or two at least!

5.  Mail off the books I sold on eBay. I don’t normally ship to other countries because it’s expensive and difficult to do so, but this guy from Mexico asked nicely and was willing to pay more for the shipping via UPS, so I agreed to do it. I’ll get them ready tonight and run them down to the UPS Store tomorrow.

6.  Cook dinners for the next two weeks. It’s been really nice to have dinners all ready for me to pop in the microwave when I get back from the gym at night, but I have no idea what to cook for the next couple of weeks. I’m really, really tired of chicken!

7.  Switch out my winter clothes for spring clothes. I have a bunch of spring/summer stuff from last year that I need to try on to see if anything still fits, as well as some really old stuff I bought years ago thinking I’d fit into them “someday”. Who knows, someday might be right around the corner!

8.  Buy new athletic shoes: One new pair for walking and one new pair of cross-trainers for the gym.

9.  Print pictures for the Art Wall and to take to work. I’ve been having trouble with this since I bought my new camera. The smaller memory card doesn’t work in the photo printer I have, so I bought another memory card like what my last camera used, downloaded the pictures I wanted onto it and plugged it into the printer. Didn’t work. Now I’m trying to find my old software for the printer so I can just print directly from the computer.

10.  Take stuff to Goodwill. I went through a bunch of shoes last week, and will go through clothes this weekend, so a trip to Goodwill is in order.

11.  Wash the cars. Both the cars need washing badly! I’ve been waiting because it’s occasionally still raining (or sprinkling, or misting, or whatever), but I’m pretty sure that’s done now.

12.  Put more stuff on eBay. (Though what I have no idea; I’m running out of stuff to sell!)

13.  Watch DVDs (I have Man of the Year, The Lake House, and For Your Consideration still to watch.)