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The Very Best Day Ever

Raspberry_yogert_1 Today was tons of fun! Suzie and DeeDee arrived soon after I posted the previous entry; DeeDee had her foster son with her, so we were an even team of four. We had (non-alcoholic) beverages and Big Mutha Nachos as planned, and spent nearly two hours at Mother's catching up with each other's lives. Afterwards, we wandered around downtown SLO showing DeeDee all the changes that have occured since she moved to Oregon, walked along the creek, took pictures of each other, and sat in the park in front of the Mission, still chatting away, while DeeDee's foster son played on the rock wall, rolled down the grassy knoll and played in the fountian in front of the Mission. Later we stopped had some refreshing frozen yogurt. It was amazingly warm out today - I was in a tank top, capris and Birkies and was still too warm! - so the frozen yogurt tasted really good. Downtown was packed with people, and keeping track of an almost-five-year-old was a bit of a challenge. He's an adorable kid, though; very sweet and amazingly well behaved. It was around 4:30 in the afternoon when we said our good-byes and went our separate ways. It was really nice to see DeeDee again, and I was thrilled to see her doing so well. Suzie and I decided we really should get together for lunch sometime, as we work pretty close to each other, but who knows? We're both so busy, but we promised to try.