Dental Diva Update

A Whinging Wednesday Valentine

Yeah, Happy Valentine's Day. Whatever.

  1. It's Valentine's Day and I have no Valentine. Yeah, I know in the past I've said I'm okay with spending the rest of my miserable life alone, and it's okay if I never get married or have kids or anything, and I can have a happy, sparkly, sunshiny life without those basic necessities, but really, that's just bullshit.
  2. I didn't get any Valentines made this year despite having all the stamps, stamp pads, blank cards and accent paper set out on my craft desk. I suck.
  3. This afternoon I get to have my broken tooth ground down in preparation for having a nice, new porceleon crown put on. Hoo-frickin'-rah.
  4. The front page of the Fee Waiver form changed. They couldn't do it during the regularly scheduled January 1st change, could they? No. They couldn't even wait until the mid-year forms change in July, could they? Of course not. They had to do it now. In February. And, I made 1,000 of the damn things last month.
  5. Gah. Just gah.

On a somewhat brighter note, my new computer arrived yesterday. I intend to pick it up before hitting the dentist chair this afternoon, and if I'm feeling well enough, hooking it up tonight.