I'm Still Here
Well, That Was Fun. Not.

13 Weekend Projects/Things To Do

I know it sounds like a lot, but I'm getting pretty good at multi-tasking!

1. Print out birthday and baby shower pix for work.

2. Print out new pictures for desk and calendar displays at work.

3. Upload January's 26 Things photos to Flickr group.

4. Write letters to friends.

5. Update blog and journal.

6. Go through mail and pay bills.

7. Get rid of some books (at local used book stores or online).

8. Do a Goodwill bag with clothes and shoes.

9. Start on Valentine's cards.

10. Cook up two weeks' worth of dinners.

11. Make some homemade soup or stew.

12. Do some cleaning and organizing of my bedroom and den.

13. Mail out box of stamps I sold last week.