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Hey! It's Another List!

13 Random Thoughts

  1. I am really excited to get my Treo 700p smartphone and portable keyboard! I just placed my order for them at the Verizon Wireless Day (offering special discounts to County and Court employees), and should be recieving my new toy next Tuesday or Wednesday! Squee!
  2. I’m thinking: how much easier it’ll be to work on my NaNo novel once I have the above-referenced device, as well as how much fun it will be to do some Bus Blogging!
  3. Now that I'm getting a new phone, I'll have to sell my old one.
  4. I need to come up with New Year’s Resolutions soon. Gah!
  5. I also need to come up with my gallery of Best Photos of the Year.
  6. I should decide what, if anything to do with my journal. Poor thing has been so neglected since I’ve started paying more attention to my blog.
  7. I’m looking forward to trying a new skincare line from Noevir; I got a sample packet of cleanser, etc. from one of the girls at work (That would be Pregnant Whistling Girl One. There’s a Pregnant Whistling Girl Two as well. Help! I am surrounded by Pregnant Whistling Girls!)
  8. I am excited AND apprehensive about starting with a Personal Trainer at the gym next Monday. I spoke with him (M) on the phone last night, and he sounds nice; he also said he would take into consideration the fact that I haven’t worked out in any kind of serious manner for several years, so he won’t try to kill me on the first night! We’ve scheduled Monday and Wednesday meetings from 6:30 to 7:30. I bought 18 PT sessions to start with, and after that I’ll see where I am and decide whether or not to continue with the PT or go on my own. Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30 to 7:30 I can take a couple classes at the gym, so I’ll get at least four days workouts in a week.
  9. I am so happy tomorrow is a holiday!!
  10. I can't decide what to do about my bangs. Continue to let them grow out, or cut them again? They are really starting to annoy me.

  11. It's been really hot here lately. That annoys me, too. I guess I shouldn't complain that it's so nice when other parts of the country are having miserable weather, but it's hard to think about Thanksgiving OR Christmas when it's sunny and 90 degrees out!

  12. Hooray!! This makes me very happy. Target? Are you listening??

  13. But, oh! This makes me very sad.


An Update

Yes, I know: I'm slacking in both NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo, but I have some pretty good excuses. At least for the past two nights.

  1. Monday night, well, c'mon! The Seahawks playing the Raiders in Seattle? I had to watch every. last. second. In my nice comfy recliner. With a beer.
  2. And last night ... well, last night I made a life-changing decision. It's not a new life-changing decision; it's the same life-changing decision I've made probably once a year for the past six years, but still, I made it. Again. In short, I joined a gym. The only difference this time is that I've hired a personal trainer as well. Paid for it all up front. K in Membership has a couple different trainers in mind for me, and put calls out to both of them, but I haven't heard anything yet. Still, I have the gym membership, and can start going in anytime I want. I'm thinking Friday might be good, as I have the day off, and after I take my grandmother to the doctor in the morning, I'll have the rest of the day to go work out. Or get my nails done. Or do some shopping. Or go back to bed. Whichever sounds better at the time.

The only other thing I have to say is that I've decided to buy this fabulous thing. I sold my old Handspring Visor and the portable keyboard, so really, I need a new set up, right? And the Treo will let me blog on the bus a la gigglechick. Or work on my NaNo novel, which at this point, is really just a rambling bunch of words which may or may not ever make sense.


It's Like Having a Second Full-Time Job

Gah! I've just spent four-and-a-half hours putting more crap on eBay, and I'm beat! I really shouldn't complain: all but two of the items I listed last week have sold! Still, it's tiring work - listing, photographing, describing, pricing, and later (hopefully) packing up and shipping out. And, it's seriously cutting into my NaNoWriMo time!  I should probably get to work on that, but first, I need a nap!

Questions and Answers

Question by Meg; answers by me. Link from the lovely and talented Bozoette.

I want your (10) trashy confessions along the lines of pop culture embarassments, odd cravings, and random obsessions.

  1. I will look in on the website three or four times a day to see if fresh new cuteness has been added.
  2. I make dozens of "to do" lists, and meticulously plan things out step-by-step in writing. That doesn't necessarily mean I get anything done, or that I am particularly organized; I just like to make lists.
  3. Sometimes I'll chew my gum obnioxiously on purpose. For some reason, the gum-chewing experience is a bit more satisfying that way.
  4. I love "Weird Al" Yankovic; have since I first heard "Another One Rides the Bus" on the Dr. Demento Show when I was in high school. I have every one of his albums on either cassette and CD (except for this last one which I downloaded off iTunes.).
  5. I know I've mentioned this before, and I also know it's gross, so I apologize, but ... I chew on my cuticles. (Sorry again for the gross-out, and also, I'm working on breaking that habit now.)
  6. I love reality TV - Survivor, The Amazing Race, Project Runway, Top Chef, America's Next Top Model, American Idol, Wife Swap (I'm REALLY embarrassed to admit THAT one!), and The Biggest Loser are among my favourites.
  7. Speaking of The Biggest Loser, I'm actually not upset about being fat anymore. I've kinda gotten over the vanity part of it. Still, I do need to lose weight, but it's not about looking good or wearing a size 6 for me anymore; it's about being healthy and having energy and generally just feeling better.
  8. That said, I'm really terrified of joining a gym again. But I have to. I have to do something. I'm not doing anything on my own, and just eating better isn't enough. But, damn. I'm scared to death of walking in there and asking to join up, and then going and working out in front of so many people. It never used to bother me, then it did, and now it's worse than ever. Gah!
  9. I really hate trying to sell crap on eBay (despite the fact that I've been pretty successful at it recently). It's way more bother than it's worth. I'd rather give stuff away to Goodwill, but when I think of how much money I've spent on all this crap, it makes me a little sick, and I guess getting a little money back is better than nothing. Right?
  10. I actually enjoy flossing my teeth. It didn't used to be that way, it's just been in the past few years. I find I can't go to sleep without flossing and brushing my teeth anymore.