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A Positive List

Yes, I've been doing poorly at Participation Positives. What else is new? But! I have remembered today and present to you this brief but happy list:

  1. A lovely Saturday morning spent walking around the lake with my mom, seeing the various birds who reside there, taking pictures of said birds, and admiring what's left of the beautiful fall colours.
  2. Wandering through the Holiday Craft Fair. There are lots of really talented and/or dedicated people out there who have lots and lots of time on their hands.
  3. Gorgeous freakin' weather! Seriously, it's November? But it's also been in the mid-70s - sunny, blue skies and very few clouds. Lovely!
  4. This is a short week, as I have Thursday AND Friday off for Thanksgiving!


Greetings from britney treo

Welcome to my first blog post via my new treo! As you may have guessed from the title I have named my new toy britney treo. I may or may not have named her after the pop star. I might've named her britney because of the pretty pink hard case I bought her. Because it's so cute and girlie and britney is a cute and girlie name. You will just have to wonder which it is, because I'll never tell! Heh.

Thursday Thirteen: The Grumpy Version

13 Things that have annoyed me recently:

  1. People sitting near the front of the bus who attempt to engage the driver in conversation while he's driving!
  2. People on the bus who hog the armrests.
  3. Not having time to play with my new Treo because I'm getting home too late after work and the commute and going to the gym.
  4. Running out of space (again) on my hard drive.
  5. Missing pretty much this whole season of Supernatural.
  6. And America's Next Top Model.
  7. Sleeping poorly despite doing to bed at a decent hour and eating properly and exercising and all that good-for-you-stuff that's supposed to make you sleep better.
  8. Doing poorly at NaNoWriMo this time. Seriously, the story is going nowhere fast.
  9. The cancellation of Justice.
  10. All the time it takes to sell stuff on eBay. It's becoming less and less worth it every day.
  11. The chicken breast in my chicken sandwich slid off the ciabatta bun into the ketchup that was for my fries.
  12. Packages getting lost in the mail.
  13. I've missed two days of blogging for NaBloPoMo.

Okay, that's enough grumpiness. I'll start feeling better now!


It's Sunday Afternoon and I'm All Grr!

I pampered myself this morning by getting a mani/pedi, but it hasn't improved my mood. Not even the lovely Malaga Wine on my toes ...


... or the yummy Dark Chocolate on my fingers ...


... could cheer me up. Why so grumpy, you ask? On this beautiful Sunday afternoon? When the Packers won their game (and I didn't get to watch it; that right there is enough to make me cranky!) and the Seahawks are (so far) doing quite well?

Because I'm still selling stuff on eBay, and it's becoming an annoying chore rather than an exciting "let's see what I can get for this crap" game. Then again, maybe I'm more grumpy that it's the last day of my three-day weekend, and while I had fun (mani/pedi aside, mom and I went shopping Friday afternoon, and I scored lots of great new clothes!), I guess I just want one more day! One more day to sleep in, lay around in sweats, take an afternoon nap, and not have to take a shower or wear make up or be a responsible adult. Just one more day!