Happy Veteran's Day

It's Sunday Afternoon and I'm All Grr!

I pampered myself this morning by getting a mani/pedi, but it hasn't improved my mood. Not even the lovely Malaga Wine on my toes ...


... or the yummy Dark Chocolate on my fingers ...


... could cheer me up. Why so grumpy, you ask? On this beautiful Sunday afternoon? When the Packers won their game (and I didn't get to watch it; that right there is enough to make me cranky!) and the Seahawks are (so far) doing quite well?

Because I'm still selling stuff on eBay, and it's becoming an annoying chore rather than an exciting "let's see what I can get for this crap" game. Then again, maybe I'm more grumpy that it's the last day of my three-day weekend, and while I had fun (mani/pedi aside, mom and I went shopping Friday afternoon, and I scored lots of great new clothes!), I guess I just want one more day! One more day to sleep in, lay around in sweats, take an afternoon nap, and not have to take a shower or wear make up or be a responsible adult. Just one more day!