What, What, WHAT?!
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Hey! It's Another List!

13 Random Thoughts

  1. I am really excited to get my Treo 700p smartphone and portable keyboard! I just placed my order for them at the Verizon Wireless Day (offering special discounts to County and Court employees), and should be recieving my new toy next Tuesday or Wednesday! Squee!
  2. I’m thinking: how much easier it’ll be to work on my NaNo novel once I have the above-referenced device, as well as how much fun it will be to do some Bus Blogging!
  3. Now that I'm getting a new phone, I'll have to sell my old one.
  4. I need to come up with New Year’s Resolutions soon. Gah!
  5. I also need to come up with my gallery of Best Photos of the Year.
  6. I should decide what, if anything to do with my journal. Poor thing has been so neglected since I’ve started paying more attention to my blog.
  7. I’m looking forward to trying a new skincare line from Noevir; I got a sample packet of cleanser, etc. from one of the girls at work (That would be Pregnant Whistling Girl One. There’s a Pregnant Whistling Girl Two as well. Help! I am surrounded by Pregnant Whistling Girls!)
  8. I am excited AND apprehensive about starting with a Personal Trainer at the gym next Monday. I spoke with him (M) on the phone last night, and he sounds nice; he also said he would take into consideration the fact that I haven’t worked out in any kind of serious manner for several years, so he won’t try to kill me on the first night! We’ve scheduled Monday and Wednesday meetings from 6:30 to 7:30. I bought 18 PT sessions to start with, and after that I’ll see where I am and decide whether or not to continue with the PT or go on my own. Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30 to 7:30 I can take a couple classes at the gym, so I’ll get at least four days workouts in a week.
  9. I am so happy tomorrow is a holiday!!
  10. I can't decide what to do about my bangs. Continue to let them grow out, or cut them again? They are really starting to annoy me.

  11. It's been really hot here lately. That annoys me, too. I guess I shouldn't complain that it's so nice when other parts of the country are having miserable weather, but it's hard to think about Thanksgiving OR Christmas when it's sunny and 90 degrees out!

  12. Hooray!! This makes me very happy. Target? Are you listening??

  13. But, oh! This makes me very sad.