Selling More Stuff

First Update of the Month

Happy November! Hopefully this will be a much better month than the last half of September and most of October were. I would say I'm feeling great, but I'm not really sure. Yesterday I participated in an Emergency Drill wherein County and Court employees were able to get free flu shots. The Drill itself was really well organized - I was done in about an hour - but I ended up being chosen for the Flu Mist rather than a shot. They based it on age, and I was totally discriminated against because I'm not old enough to have a needle shoved into my upper arm, but I am old enough to have some obnoxious liquid shot into my nostrils and run down my throat. Gah. It was disgusting. All night long I imagined live influenza critters dancing on my tonsils. *shudder!*

In other news, I've decided to participate in this as well as this. Yeah, I know, I'm crazy.

I've also been pretty succesful selling stuff on eBay. Already I've shipped off two items, and have two items to ship off tomorrow. At this rate I'll be getting my new toys in no time!

And finally . . . um, no, I guess that's it for now. Cheers!