It's Like Having a Second Full-Time Job
What, What, WHAT?!

An Update

Yes, I know: I'm slacking in both NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo, but I have some pretty good excuses. At least for the past two nights.

  1. Monday night, well, c'mon! The Seahawks playing the Raiders in Seattle? I had to watch every. last. second. In my nice comfy recliner. With a beer.
  2. And last night ... well, last night I made a life-changing decision. It's not a new life-changing decision; it's the same life-changing decision I've made probably once a year for the past six years, but still, I made it. Again. In short, I joined a gym. The only difference this time is that I've hired a personal trainer as well. Paid for it all up front. K in Membership has a couple different trainers in mind for me, and put calls out to both of them, but I haven't heard anything yet. Still, I have the gym membership, and can start going in anytime I want. I'm thinking Friday might be good, as I have the day off, and after I take my grandmother to the doctor in the morning, I'll have the rest of the day to go work out. Or get my nails done. Or do some shopping. Or go back to bed. Whichever sounds better at the time.

The only other thing I have to say is that I've decided to buy this fabulous thing. I sold my old Handspring Visor and the portable keyboard, so really, I need a new set up, right? And the Treo will let me blog on the bus a la gigglechick. Or work on my NaNo novel, which at this point, is really just a rambling bunch of words which may or may not ever make sense.