Yes I Am Scary-Looking First Thing Sunday Morning
Egrets at Atascadero Lake

A Positive List

Yes, I've been doing poorly at Participation Positives. What else is new? But! I have remembered today and present to you this brief but happy list:

  1. A lovely Saturday morning spent walking around the lake with my mom, seeing the various birds who reside there, taking pictures of said birds, and admiring what's left of the beautiful fall colours.
  2. Wandering through the Holiday Craft Fair. There are lots of really talented and/or dedicated people out there who have lots and lots of time on their hands.
  3. Gorgeous freakin' weather! Seriously, it's November? But it's also been in the mid-70s - sunny, blue skies and very few clouds. Lovely!
  4. This is a short week, as I have Thursday AND Friday off for Thanksgiving!