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Selling More Stuff

As promised in my Thursday Thirteen list, I'm once again attempting to sell stuff on eBay. I'm also selling the hardtop hoist I used for my long-gone (but still fondly thought of) Mazda Miata. For some reason I thought I had put that in the trunk when I sold the car, but apparently I didn't, as I still have it. Since I don't need it anymore, I put an ad on the website in the hopes that another Miata owner might get some use out of it. (And apparently someone will, as it sold last night!)

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Need to Do Soon and Why

  1. Sell my old Handspring Visor PDA & accessories on eBay
  2. So I can buy a Palm Treo
  3. Sell my old (but unused)


    digital camera
  4. So I can upgrade to a new digital Elph
  5. Sell my old purses/bags/backpacks on eBay
  6. So I can buy this cute little Packers purse
  7. Take some of my old (but never worn or in good condition) shoes to a consignment shop
  8. So I can buy more shoes
  9. Take some of my old (but never worn because they’re too small for me) clothes to a consignment shop
  10. So I can buy some new clothes that actually fit me
  11. Sell some of my CDs and DVDs to Second Spin (and find someplace to unload all my VHS tapes)
  12. So I can have more space and be more organized
  13. Have a great weekend!


Man, I Watch WAY Too Much Television!

13 Things I'm Watching on TV Right Now

  1. The second season of the new Doctor Who series. Granted I missed the Christmas Special and the first episode because I didn't know it had started up again, but the last two eppys were awesome! And, I've quickly adjusted to the new Doctor.
  2. Ghost Whisperer. How did I manage to not watch this show before now?  It's good. It's really really good.
  3. Jericho. A fantastic new show! Sure they're stretching it with the radioactive rain that, well, wasn't, but it's still eerie, suspenseful, and engaging.
  4. Heros. Another great show! I love super hero movies, books, etc., so this show is right up my alley!
  5. Project Runway. Okay, I know this show finished up last night, and while I taped it so my mom and I can watch it together, I accidently found out who won today. Grr. Still, I love this show. It takes me back to my old college days when I was taking "Clothing Construction" and "Textile Sciences" and all the other Home Ec-type classes required for my Fashion Merchandising degree.
  6. Lost. My theory is they're all in a mental institution and having these weird hallucinations.
  7. Friday Night Lights.  Ahh! Where Project Runway takes me back to college, FNL takes me further back to High School. Sports were a big thing in the school I went to - as I'm sure it is for most schools.
  8. The Biggest Loser. This show depresses the crap out of me. I watch these people losing all this weight every week and wish to hell it was me.
  9. Rosemary and Thyme. I've caught this show by accident a couple times and have really enjoyed it. Then again, I've always enjoyed a good British mystery series.
  10. The Amazing Race.  I loved this show before it was cool. And, hate me if you want, but I liked the Family Edition they did a while back. Well, I liked the concept of the Family Edition; I did not like the execution of it. They should've only had families - i.e., parents with youngish kids. Putting nine- and ten-year-olds in competition with adult siblings, cousins or whatever, is just bloody unfair.
  11. Survivor. Of course. Everyone watches Survivor, right?  I was just thinking the other day how I would really like to go back and watch the very first Survivor - back before people knew about "the game" from day one. Back when it was fresh, and no one really knew what it was all about.
  12. Sell This House.  What amazes me is why people who go house hunting even care what the current owner's furniture looks like, or what hideous wall paper they put up. You're not getting that furntiure with the house, and you can remove and/or paint over the wall paper. I'd be more concerned if it has water damage or is infested with termites!
  13. Wife Swap/Super Nanny.  I hate to admit that I watch either of these programs. They are the ultimate guilty pleasure. I can't even explain why I watch them. I just start, get sucked in, and can't change the channel.


Medical Update

So, yeah, I'm still sick. It's exactly four weeks to the day since my first cold, and while I thought earlier this week I was maybe getting better, today I actually feel worse. Guess it's a good thing I made that doctor appointment on Monday because it turns out I have a mild (so far) sinus infection. Frankly, I'm surprised. I rarely get sick. (I'm not boasting, just stating a fact.) And, when I do get sick, I usually get over it pretty quickly. This one, however, for some reason, just stuck around, went away then came back. It's been annoying, frustrating, and most of all exhausting! So, yeah, I gave up, made the appointment, and this morning I went to the doctor. Well, the nurse practitioner. You know what I mean. Anyway, I now have a five-day supply of antibiotics and some cough syrup with codiene (which I hear is pretty good stuff), so hopefully I will be feeling much better very soon.  Stay tuned ...

Quick Weekend Update

I'm finally feeling better. Mostly. I've got The Cough - you know, that annoying and constant cough that lingers for days or weeks after a cold - but my head is all cleared up and I can breathe out of both nostrils. Some of the time, anyway.

I had a mani/pedi Saturday. It was, for the most part, pretty good, but I'm not sure I liked what the guy did to my cuticles. He was pretty rough with those cuticle nippers, and I think they look worse than when I went in, not better. I've been trying to quit messing with my cuticles, so I figured a weekly manicure (I only do my toes every other week) would help. The first two manicures I had earlier this month were great; this one not so much. My cuticles are just as ragged as if I'd tried to cut them myself. *sigh* Toes_2 I am, however, happy with my toes. I used O.P.I.'s Chick Flick Cherry. It's a slightly lighter, brighter red than Malaga Wine, but not as "cheap" looking as I'm Not Really A Waitress. It cheered me up a bit.

I started going through my closet to switch out my spring/summer wardrobe for my fall/winter one. In doing so I discovered a disturbing trend: I have only two pair of regular-length pants. Basically all I have are goucho-style and capri-length pants. I could probably get away with wearing some of these short things over the winter, but I'm sure I'll want to wear regular pants sometime over the next five or so months. I guess I need to go shopping. <sarcasm> Darn it. </sarcasm>

That Seahawks game this morning was awesome!  I had pretty much given up on them by the half, then all of a sudden, they came back with a vengence! I guess there were some other exciting games out there this afternoon, but I watched the 49ers, so I missed them.

The Amazing Race was pretty good, but they need to do something about the editing. They spent the whole first half just getting the teams to India, and once there, rushed through the Detour and Roadblock challenges, which, in my opinion, were probably a lot more exciting than watching people try to purchase airline tickets. I still love that show, though.

And, now I must go to bed. And watch Desperate Housewives. Because I love that show, too.



When will I start feeling better? When will I go to bed and be able to breathe through my nose? When will I wake up and not have a stuffy head and sinuses, not cough up my lungs for ten or fifteen minutes, and not have runny eyes? When will I feel better without the help of Nyquil, Advil Cold and Sinus, Halls Lemon Honey cough drops, and Nasonex nose spray? When? WHEN?!!!