A Condo is Starting to Look Pretty Good Right Now
26 Things - September 2006

Thursday Thirteen #56

Thirteen Things to do This Three-Day Weekend

  1. Finish reading Prep and The Hollow Earth.
  2. Find out why drain pipe along neighbour's fence is no longer draining and fix it.
  3. Make birthday card for my friend Jewel.
  4. Get pedicure.
  5. Wash cars.
  6. Jiffy Lube cars.
  7. Colour hair.
  8. Clean out cosmetics drawer.
  9. Organize closet.
  10. Update garden pictures.
  11. Put more stuff on eBay.
  12. Rest.
  13. Relax.

I doubt I'll get to most of this stuff as #2 will likely take up the majority of the weekend, depending on what the problem is, and how difficult it is to fix. BUT, as I said in yesterday's entry, I'm taking Monday off, regardless, and having my pedi!!