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Positive Monday Entry

Thursday 13 #55

My thirteen favourite blogs or websites (in no particular order):

  1. Cute Overload  So cute it makes your teeth hurt.
  2. Weetabix  One of my online journalling friends and a fantastic writer!
  3. Post Secret  It makes me laugh, it makes me cry.  It makes me wish I had a secret to send in.
  4. Reality Blurred  News for reality TV junkies like me.
  5. Two Lumps  My favourite comic strip cats.
  6. The Daily Kitten  A new cute, fuzzy kitten every single day.
  7. Go Fug Yourself  Celebrities dress badly, too.
  8. Dooce  Yeah, I know, everyone reads Dooce, but she's a good writer, so everyone should read her.
  9. Awesome!  Blogging on all the best funky, cool, totally awesome stuff on the web.
  10.  Everyone reads Pamie, too; if not, they should cuz she's cool!
  11. Miss Zoot  Zoot is a funny, witty, fantastic blogger.
  12. Stuff on My Cat  Stuff + Cats = Awesome!
  13. Moleskinerie  A cool blog about a cool notebook.


There are many, many more blogs, websites and online journals I visit every day - you can find them on my blogroll on the sidebar. Even that is just the tip of the iceburg!  Still, if you have a favourite that's not listed here, feel free to share it in the comments. I enjoy discovering new blogs!