Silver Anniversary
One Year

Thursday 13 #53

Thirteen Books on the Nightstand

(taken from the books still collecting dust on my bookshelves, to be read by the end of the year in no particular order)

  1. Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister  by Gregory Maguire.
  2. Wicked  by Gregory Maguire. 10/12/06
  3. Prep  by Curtis Sittenfeld. 9/04/06
  4. Guerrilla Gardening  by John F. Adams.  1/26/07
  5. Gertrude & Claudius  by John Updike. 12/04/06
  6. The Late Mr. Shakespeare  by Robert Nye.
  7. Sudden Country  by Loren D. Estleman.
  8. Beldan's Fire  by Midori Snyder.
  9. Wide Sargasso Sea  by Jean Rhys.
  10. Places I Never Meant To Be  ed. by Judy Blume. 8/18/06
  11. Conquest, Unicorn and Dragon Volume II  by Lynn Abbey. 1/17/07
  12. Fast Food Nation  by Eric Schlosser.
  13. The Physics of Christmas  by Roger Highfield. 12/18/06