Thursday 13 #55
A Condo is Starting to Look Pretty Good Right Now

Positive Monday Entry

Monday already! Man, those weekends go by fast! It was all good, though. Mom and I did our usual walk up to The Gathering Place (formerly known and loved as Carlene's), and had some of their delicious coffee and a yummy homemade granola bar. Afterwards we got our groceries, then I went up to visit my grandparents, and bring them a gift: a good-sized eggplant and bell pepper.Eggplantandpepper082606

Apparently they're not getting any eggplant, so they were thrilled to have one. The plants have recovered nicely from whatever-it-was that almost killed them (and in fact did kill the cucumber and zucchini), and are producing quite a bit, as are the tomatoes and peppers. It's getting pretty exciting!

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing. I know I need to Jiffy Lube and wash both cars, but I decided to put it off until next weekend (since it's Labour Day, I'll have an extra day to get work done, and still have two days to rest or play, whichever I decide.)

And, finally, the Packers play tonight! Yay! I've dusted off my cheesehead and have a beer chilling in the fridge!