Thursday 13 #54
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A Quick Update

ToezAhh, that felt good! I got a pedicure this afternoon - first one in quite a while. I went to Le's Nails here in Atascadero, and while it was nice, I really missed not having a massaging chair. I did, however, get some type of reflexology/pressure point massage done on my feet, which I wasn't expecting, but really enjoyed. It might just be my love of pedis, but I'm becoming convinced the treatment is actually helping ease my plantar fasciitis. My feet feel great for a couple weeks after having a pedi. In fact, they were just starting to ache a little towards the end of this week, but now they feel fantastic!

TrixieSorry I haven't been updating more frequently, but I've been pretty busy the past couple of weeks, and this past week, my internet was out. Grr! Last week my aunt and uncle from New York came over for a visit. Saturday we had a nice picnic at my grandparent's house with them and the rest of the family - 12 people total, plus two pugs! It was quite a houseful, but it was a lot of fun!

Sb6On Sunday the aunts, uncles, my mom and I headed off to Santa Barbara for the day. (Gallery of pictures here.) It was lovely - sunny and hot! We had fish-n-chips on Stern's Wharf, saw Arlington West, and browsed a great arts and crafts display along the waterfront. Afterwards, we all headed downtown for some shopping. Mom and I just sat at Rock's and sipped Chardonnay and noshed on bruchetta. I was looking forward to a Blossom martini, but once again, Rock's changed their martini menu, and it wasn't on the list. *sigh*


Later we went to Solvang for dinner at a quaint little restaurant called The Little Mermaid and some window shopping downtown. I hadn't been to Solvang in a long time; I'd forgotten how fun the town is, and decided I would really like to spend more time there. I'd like to spend some more time in Santa Barbara as well. I'd like to see the Mission and visit the Zoo, and spend some quality time wandering through Arlington West. Mom and I would like to spend a weekend down there some day, but when? No idea. Life is just so busy!


Finally, a quick word about the garden. Mom and I feared the worst after losing both the zucchini and cucumber plants to some sort of disease or incect infestation. (We still aren't sure exactly what killed those plants; we may never know for sure.) Now, however, the remaining plants (eggplant, tomatoes, and two bell peppers) seem to be recovering. Last evening I was used one of our bell peppers and eggplant along with one of my grandparent's zucchini in a delicious vegetarian paella. The recipe made enough for an army, so we'll be eating it for a couple more days at least!

So, that's about it. As you can see my internet is back. We had an electrical blip early Tuesday morning, and it messed things up a bit. I did an unplug/replug on the box this morning, and it started right up. I spent the day putting a ton of clothes up on eBay before going for my pedi, and managed to get some relaxing and a brief nap in as well. Pretty darn good day, if you ask me! I'll try to update more often now that my internet is back up and running.