Positive Monday Entry
Thursday Thirteen #56

A Condo is Starting to Look Pretty Good Right Now

Well, crap! My perfect 3-day weekend is shot. Apparently we have a drainage problem in the backyard. Again. Eons ago, when we first bought the house, we had a swampy area that was vaguely stinky; it was always wet no matter how hot or sunny it was. So we dug up some of the swampy muddy mess, laid a drain pipe down the middle of it, and covered it all up with a couple layers of pea gravel. Later we extended the drain pipe all the way down the side yard to the street. It seemed to solve the problem - the swamp was no more.

Fast forward to yesterday when my mom discovered quite a bit of wet - not damp, not moist, but sopping wet - ground near the corner of the house near where the swamp used to be. She dug a trench along the side of the house, and the trench filled with water. She emptied two buckets full of water, and there was still water standing in the trench. After a long complicated story (which I'm sure you don't care about) she figured out the water was likely coming from the neighbour's yard, not, as she feared, from a busted pipe in our house.

So, what does this mean for my Labour Day Weekend? It means I (and mom, of course) will be labouring! Digging out the drain pipe to find out why it's suddenly stopped draining. Then we're planning on getting a couple bags of gravel and filling in the trench by the house; hopefully the gravel will keep the majority of the moisture away from the foundation.

I had plans for this weekend. Fun plans. Well, some work plans, too, but mostly fun plans. I am still going to try to have some fun amidst all labourious yard work - if nothing else, I'm taking Monday off!! - but it's not going to be as nice as I'd hoped or planned.