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On Holiday

VacationannouncementI am officially on vacation! Woo hoo! I'm flying off to Ohio to visit my friend Jewel and her awesome cat, Thelma, so updates will probably not be happening until after my return on July 5th. (Not that I've been updating with any regularity anyway, but, you know, I just thought I'd mention it.) Oh, and if you happen to watch the Grand Prix in Indianapolis on Sunday, keep your eyes peeled; Jewel and I are going to the race, so you might just see us in the stands!! Cheers!

A Relaxing Pedicure

Toes_1It's been a while since I've taken a picture of my toes. There's a very good reason for it: I hadn't had a proper pedicure for months! My toenails were too long and a couple of them had actually broken off, my polish (which I'd done a piss-poor job of applying myself a few weeks ago) was chipped, my heels were rough and my cuticles were just nasty.

I took care of that little problem, however, yesterday evening after the CAPA Conference when I went over to the Sky Nails by Borders and got a quick pedi just before they closed. Ohhh, but that felt good! The massaging chair! The clipping, filing and buffing of the nails! The trimming of the thick, overgrown cuticles! The foot and leg massage! Ahh! There's nothing better than a good pedi. Nothing.

CAPA Conference

Conference2Today was the annual CAPA Conference, held in San Luis Obispo this time, at the fancy-pants Embassy Suites Hotel. I was slightly disappointed that it was being held this weekend, because the Atascadero Wine Festival was today as well, and my mom and I always enjoy going to that event. However, it turned out to be a really fun day; I hung out with co-workers - current and former - attended some interesting seminars, and most importantly (and really the only reason I went in the first place) got the necessary MCLE credits to keep my paralegal status.

LunchLunch was quite yummy: herbed chicken breast, creamy risotto, and roasted red peppers. I was famished by this time, however, and forgot to take a picture before devouring it.

I did manage to get a shot of the uber decedant super chocolate cake we got for dessert:

CakeUmmmm! Sinfully delicious!!

(Would've been really good with coffee, too, but that didn't come till later. Or, maybe I just didn't wait for it. One or the other.)


Conference3While I didn't end up winning any of the drawings, I did get some great swag from the vendors, and this totally awesome Offical Conference Canvas Bag. Seriously, how awesome is this bag? It's really good-sized and durable, and while you can't really tell from this picture, it's a really cool black and lime green colour. (Technically the green is called "puce", but since just saying that word makes me wrinkle my nose in disgust, I'll stick with lime-green.)  In my totally non-biased opinion, I think it's the best CAPA Conference bag yet.

Conference1In fact, the whole conference was great - very well organized and executed, interesting and informative seminars (Ethics in the Media was required for everyone, and the Keynote Speaker was during lunch; the others I attended were: Using Probate Referees, and Due Diligence in Bussiness and Real Estate Transactions), great food (particularly that cake!), and lots of fun, friendly people.

Well done, CCPA, well done!

Like a Hole in My Head

I did not, did not, did not need to run down to Full Circle on my lunchbreak and purchase a Moleskine notebook for three perfectly good reasons:

  1. I already have probably twenty blank books/journals/notebooks at home that I need to write in.
  2. I cannot draw or sketch to save my soul.
  3. I've never used up any of the other blank books/journals/notebooks, so what makes me think I'm going to use this one?

Gah. Sometimes I'm an idiot. Honestly, it's all the fault of this website, which I recently discovered and fell in love with. It makes the Moleskine notebook appear more special than your average blank book; so special in fact, that I suddenly had to have one of my very own. And now I do.

P.S. I also didn't need the pink flamingo for my dead office plant, nor did I need the silver thumbring made from a spoon, but I bought them anyway.

Election Day

So, today is another election day in California. I’ve already voted, but did so this time via absentee ballot, rather than hitting the poles after work. I’ve always enjoyed voting; I would get all excited about chekcing in, getting my ballot, heading into the little semi-private booth, pulling the curtain, and letting my voice be heard. Oh, and getting my “I Voted!” sticker when I was done. I really liked that sticker! You don’t get a sticker with an absentee ballot, and I really miss the sticker. But, after my polling place moved from the National Guard Armory, which was conveniently located near my home, to some random church out in the middle of nowhere, then moved again to another church on a small side street with no parking … well, it just became more of a pain in my butt than it was worth. So now I vote absentee. I get my ballot in the mail, fill it out at my convenience, and drop it off at the Registrar’s office across the street. Easy peasy. But, I still miss my sticker.