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26th Anniversary

Vase_1_1It was 26 years ago today that Mount St. Helens erupted, spewing a cloud of volcanic ash high into the air; the cloud moved across Washington state (and eventually floated around the world) and dumped ash wherever it went, including our front yard. Along with a jar of volcanic ash that my mom and I scraped off the front porch the following day, we also have this lovely vase that was made by an aritisan in Seattle using Mount St. Helens ash.

In the spring of 2004 I took a Memoir Writing class at Cal Poly, and one of the memories I wrote about was the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens. I'm sure I've posted this memoir before, but for the life of me I can't find it, so I've reposted it over at my journal. Enjoy!

Welcome Back, Toby!

TobyscakeToday Toby Richards (who until recently was fighting the War on Terror (i keep wanting to write terrier instead of terror. heh.) at Camp Fallujah in Iraq) returned to work at The SupCo, so naturally we had a party! We had a ginormous pot luck lunch (seriously, we almost needed two tables to put all the food on!), a few speeches, an impromptu Q & A session with Toby about anything and everything to do with Iraq, the Marines and the war, and, of course, cake!

I've been reading Toby's blog since I started working at The SupCo, so I felt like I already knew him, but this was the first time I'd actually met him. It felt kinda like my first JournalCon, where I knew all these people, but at the same time, didn't.

It was nice to finally shake his hand and say, "Welcome back, Toby!".

To Do List

My weekend is going to be busy!

  1. Make Mother’s Day Cards.
  2. Buy picnic fare for brunch on Sunday.
  3. Pack up and return turntable. (I bought this a couple weeks ago, thinking it would be a totally cool thing, however, I’m a technotard, and since I can’t figure the dang thing out, I’m sending it back. Also, I don’t really have time for yet another project!)
  4. Write letters to friends.
  5. Play with new camera.

Bad Girl! (But, worth it!)

I shouldn't "go for a walk" during my lunch hour ever again. I did so today, and wound up spending $115.98 at the newly refurbished Full Circle. I could've spent more - I'm despirately in need of new funky stuff, and that place has mucho funky stuff - but I restrained myself to only purchasing a little pill box, a set of notecards and ... a camera. Yes, another camera. I know, I know I need another camera like I need a hole in my head, BUT, this is different: it's a Holga.

I've been wanting a lomo-style camera for a couple years now, but could never find one. Today I did, and immediately bought it. I can't wait to start playing with it!!